Thoughts on School Zone Girls Volume 3

Summer approaches in the third volume of Ningiyau’s School Zone Girls. Hinase Hiragi’s circle of friends grows larger, and Rei and Kei… are still the same as ever, actually.
This volume contains chapters fifty-two through to seventy-two.

School Zone Girls Volume 3

Front cover of the third volume of School Zone Girls, featuring Negoro Yatsude

Bad girls in love
Hiragi has finally escaped the attentions of her bubbly and boisterous classmate Utsugi… so why is the resulting peace and quiet so dang depressing? And why is Utsugi ignoring her in the first place? Meanwhile, thanks to Yatsude’s “help,” Rei is having bra troubles – and not long after, Kei’s bra suffers from the same mysterious ailment. Is anyone capable of behaving in this series?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like School Zone Girls‘ blurbs have been kind of off the mark – and consistently, too. The first couple painted it as a story with a focus on yuri first and foremost, and then this one picks out a throwaway gag to pick out from this volume. At least it’s not wrong about the whole thing with Hiragi.
But yeah, School Zone Girls definitely leans more into the comedy genre than the yuri genre. The humour is there, sometimes, but there are definitely much funnier manga out there. Also, this volume starting with Hiragi getting all depressed about being a loner doesn’t exactly set the tone accurately for what to expect.

On the plus side, though, things definitely do get much better for Hiragi as their volume goes on – seems Utsugi apparently ignoring her was all part of some grand scheme. It definitely has a good pay-off at the end – even becoming something wholesome in the end.

Then we have the continuing saga of Fuji and Kishiya, and Rei and Kei still being Rei and Kei. In the case of the latter, certain people are picking up that actually, yeah, there may be something going on there. That almost yuri content that was almost non-existent at the beginning is finally being brought to the forefront. To be fair, Rei has been pretty consistent about her feelings towards Kei – just maybe not so honest about them to Kei herself…
It’s interesting to see other characters steadily come to the realisation that those two may actually be something beyond friends, or are definitely capable of becoming that in the end.
Particularly when one of their friends in particular seems to be in denial about their relationship, at least until somebody else blatantly brings it up.

So, yeah, School Zone Girls may lean more into comedy, but that doesn’t always mean it presents humorous situations. This manga manages to be a mix bag – I did genuinely enjoy Hiragi’s development in this volume. A lot of the stuff involving Rei and Kei… eh, there are highs and lows. Maybe it will get better once they can finally seriously get their feelings across to each other – and considering that this manga avoids those two ever doing anything serious, we might be in for a long wait.
It seems we have a case here where side characters are beginning to outshine the main characters.

Whilst it does have its enjoyable moments, School Zone Girls is still a series that I would struggle to recommend. There are other series out there that does what School Zone Girls is trying to do much better.

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