Thoughts on Days of Love at Seagull Villa Volume 2

Ashima is in the spotlight for the second volume of Kodama Naoko’s Days of Love at Seagull Villa, in which her family situation is revealed. Meanwhile, Mayumi has plenty of time to worry about reuniting with an old friend.
This volume contains chapters four through to eight.

Days of Love at Seagull Villa Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of Days of Love at Seagull Villa, featuring Rin Ioki and Mayumi Kikuchi

Trouble in Paradise
After her life fell apart, Mayumi decided to ditch the city and live in the countryside. While things haven’t always gone smoothly between her and her boisterous landlady, Mayumi and Rin have grown close and even shared a kiss or two. But now a figure from Mayumi’s past has arrived at Seagull Villa: the same “friend” that ruined Mayumi’s life in the first place. Will Mayumi lose Rin the same way she’s lost everything else?

From that, you’d expect that the arrival of Mayumi’s so-called “friend” would be the main conflict of this volume. Turns out that’s not the case – instead, the main focus is on Ashima, Sakura and their complicated family situation.
The previous volume set up this particular plot thread, and now we see it all play out. It’s made abundantly clear that Ashima is unable to find a place where she feels she fits in – and those frustrations are something she takes out on her half-sister.

Much of this volume has Mayumi discovering Ashima’s troubles – she is her teacher, after all. Her attempts to reach out to the student also help her to realise that she feels something towards Rin. Of course Mayumi can’t bring herself to say anything to Rin, for fear of ruining what she has with her at present.

I suspect Mayumi being honest with her feelings is less likely to ruin that than she thinks. The arrival of her former friend Touko is probably the bigger problem she has to worry about. It’s clear that people are able to find a place for them at the Seagull Villa, but Touko does not give the impression that she’s happy for Mayumi.

Although why Mayumi should even bother listening to Touko is a mystery to me, considering what she did in the past. Really do not like Touko, and I’m hoping that Mayumi doesn’t fall for her manipulations. Granted, I wouldn’t wish what happened to Touko on anyone, but I feel like she’s using that as a means to manipulate Mayumi.

So a couple of the characters introduced in this volume left a sour taste in my mouth, but ultimately there’s still a good experience to be had here. It’s made clear that the Seagull Villa will welcome those who need it, as we’ve seen with Mayumi and now Ashima. It’s nice to see them have some positivity in their lives after coming through some dark stuff.
Mayumi’s past has caught up to her, but I’m hopeful things will work out for her – only the next volume will tell.

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