Thoughts on Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Everyday Misadventures! Volume 3

The Crimson Vow embark on more (mis)adventures in the third volume of Yuki Moritaka’s Abilities Average spin-off manga.Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life Everyday Misadventures Volume 3For Best Results, Read with a Cat on Your Lap!
There’s never a dull moment when Mile and the Crimson Vow are in town! Pauline is ever in search of new ways to earn money, Mavis gets kidnapped by an acting troupe, and the team does a collab with Lenny. And has Mile finally found the little beastgirl of her (demented) dreams…? Find out in the latest volume of the Abilities Average 4-koma spin-off!

After three volumes, you’d think I’d be use to the exaggeration of Mile’s character by now, but somehow she still manages to surprise me. Her desire for little beastgirls only seems to grow stronger and stronger with every volume of Everyday Misadventures!. She even comes dangerously close to having her desires fulfilled, now that young beastgirl Faleel appears in this volume.
Sure, the other members of the Crimson Vow’s personalities are played up a bit for comedic effect, but I do think things are taken to quite the extreme for Mile – she’s down bad for little beastgirls.

Each member of the Crimson Vow gets their own turn to shine in this volume – I’ve already said enough about Mile, though. Reina goes on a date with a girl she admires, Pauline befriends a bird and Mavis ends up acting on stage. As already mentioned, beastgirl Faleel makes an appearance. So too does Lenny, interacting with the Crimson Vow when they stop by her inn. Seems Mile can just about hold herself back when it comes to being around Lenny. There’s also some working out, and a festival for the Crimson Vow to attend.
Of course, all these events are played for laughs – and I definitely got some good chuckles out of this volume of Everyday Misadventures!. The Crimson Vow encounter all sorts of situations, but its clear nothing can change the way they are – and the way they are tends to be pretty funny.

It’s a fun take on the adventures of the Crimson Vow, even if some of the exaggerated personalities are maybe taken a bit too far. Makes for a nice companion to the Abilities Average light novels.

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