Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 43: The Witch’s Heart

The girls embark on a rescue mission in the forty-third episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure, and come ever closer to learning what the connection is between the Legendary Pretty Cure and the Witch of Delays.

Asuka, Laura, Minori and Sango

Asuka, Laura, Minori and Sango are determined to rescue Manatsu

The Tropical Club goes under the sea once more in this episode in order to save Manatsu from the Witch’s mansion. Coral, Papaya and Flamingo go there, whilst Cure La Mer returns to Gran Ocean in order to get the Queen to fix the Aqua Pot.
Meanwhile, Manatsu is shown visions of the Legendary Pretty Cure’s past. When she awakes, she decides the best course of action is to walk right up to the Witch of Delays and ask her nicely to stop stealing Motivation Power.

Witch of Delays and Legendary Pretty Cure

A glimpse of the Legendary Pretty Cure’s past

This episode offers up some incredibly interesting stuff, particularly concerning the Legendary Pretty Cure and the Witch of Delays. We’re steadily being drip-fed information about their connection; won’t be much longer until we can see the whole picture. So intrigued to see where this will all end up.

Mermaid Queen

The Queen attempted to become Pretty Cure in the past

It’s not just the Witch of Delays and the Legendary Pretty Cure that have parts of their pasts revealed. We now know why the Queen said that mermaids could not become Pretty Cure before; because she tried it herself and failed. Presumably if there ever had been any mermaid PreCures before that, their memories would have been erased (let’s just skim over the fact that Go! Princess PreCure has Cure Mermaid).
That isn’t the only information that the Queen shares with La Mer, but that is being withheld from the audience for now.

Monster of the Week

Coral, Papaya and Flamingo have to fight a Zenzen Yarane-da during their infiltration of the Witch’s mansion

It’s plainly clear that stealth was never an option for any of the girls who entered the Witch’s mansion. To be fair, Manatsu casually asking Chongi-re directions for the Witch’s room was pretty amusing. As for the other three Cures that are there, they encounter Numeri pretty quickly – which sees the return of a Zenzen Yarane-da.

Cures Reunited

All the Cures are reunited

Pretty Cure make quick work of the Yarane-das that are still active, and immediately settle upon their next course of action: talk to the Witch. I also just want to take a moment to appreciate how savage Cure Papaya is with her eye lasers – she has no intention of letting Chongi-re stop them.
Whilst the others are unsure, Cure La Mer has enough information to agree with Summer’s idea.

The Fool's Casket

The Fool’s Casket revealed

PreCure are able to get into the Witch’s room, and it is there that Butler reveals just what the Fool’s Casket is capable of doing. Seems he was keeping that particular information to himself, though. At this point, I’m pretty confident in saying that Butler is the main antagonist – perhaps a different form of that same evil the Queen confronted before?
The Witch of Delays also seems to be missing some memories… hmm. Thanks to La Mer’s chat with the Queen, I assume she has an idea of what she’s forgotten – and Manatsu has been shown visions, so no doubt she at least has an inkling.

Chongi-re Yarane-da

Butler turns Chongi-re into a Yarane-da

Chongi-re is not best pleased upon discovering what the Fool’s Casket is capable of, but Butler is prepared for any betrayal. Gonna have to wait for the next episode to see what happens.

Excellent episode from Tropical-Rouge! PreCure. All the information about the Legendary Pretty Cure and the Witch of Delays is steadily coming together, whilst the antagonists’ plot is nearing completion. We’re pretty much in the endgame now, and these episodes have been fantastic.

One last thing: we’ve got new information on Delicious PartyPreCure. It looks… well, like a new season of Pretty Cure. All I’m saying is that Tropical-Rouge! PreCure is probably going to be a tough act to follow…

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1 Response to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 43: The Witch’s Heart

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Lots of really interesting things hinted towards. I almost wonder if the “witch of calamity” (aka Witch of delays) was originally a precure, but then that “malevolence” trapped her with that helmet that is so obviously some sort of brainwashing device? Either way, it’s very obvious the “legendary precure” was very close with the witch, and I’m very curious where it will take things!

    This “memory erasure” system seems awfully close to what’s happening with the witch….making me think it actually was put there by that “malevolence”…..

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