Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 40: Legendary Papaya

Continuing our run of character-focused episodes, Tropical-Rouge! PreCure‘s fortieth episode shines the spotlight on Minori. Manatsu wants her to adapt her Mermaid’s Tale story into a stage play, but Minori isn’t so confident about it.


Minori doesn’t seem so keen on adapting The Mermaid’s Tale

In this episode, the Tropical Club discusses what they should do for their planned Tropical Graduation Festival. They hit upon the idea of doing a stage play, and Manatsu suggests that Minori should write a play based on her The Mermaid’s Tale story.
Minori still doesn’t feel too confident about it, so the Tropical Club decide to try and help Minori overcome that, with a search for the “legendary papaya”.

Minori sharpens a pencil

Doesn’t Minori have a pencil sharpener? Seems interesting to show her using a Stanley knife.

We’ve had Asuka and Sango, so now it’s Minori’s turn for another episode focused on her. Of course it centres around her writing, and in particular her story The Mermaid’s Tale. Interesting to see that she made papayas a central part of said story. That’s some foresight.

Fruit-loving girl and mermaid

The main characters of Minori’s The Mermaid’s Tale

I do hope we get to see the end result of all this planning for the play. Presumably Laura will be cast in the mermaid role, and therefore it would only be fitting for Manatsu to play the role of the fruit-loving girl. I wonder if Minori included any romance in the full story… maybe not, as it was once criticised as being too plain. Huh, maybe that’s one way in which she could spice it up…

Minori blushing

Blushing Minori is nice, too

Minori has quite the revelation in this episode. Although she may be Cure Papaya, she has never actually eaten a papaya. But a trip to a papaya farm soon has that change – although Laura saying that Cure Papaya not liking papayas is something that went through my mind, too. Fortunately, Minori does enjoy the taste.

Monster of the Week

Shrimp Super Zettai Yarane-da

Of course when it comes to the monster of the week sequence, it is Cure Papaya’s turn to shine. I just want to take some time to appreciate that Cure Papaya aims her eye laser attack at her foes’ eyes. Even Kururun has been on the receiving end, once. That must sting.
Anyways, after said fight, the episode wraps up and Minori realises the legendary papaya was actually the friends she made along the way or something like that.

A fun episode. Always nice to see the quieter members of the cast get some time to shine. Past seasons have focused too much on a single character before, but I think Tropical-Rouge! PreCure has managed to strike a fairly decent balance with its five main cast members.

Next time, the Tropical Club… gathers? The preview and episode title seem kind of vague to me, so anything could happen.

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