Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 39: Take That Step

The thirty-ninth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure is one that focuses on Sango. With her fellow Tropical Club members shining, Sango wants to find her own shine as well – and a modelling audition is her path to doing just that.

Sango and her mother

“People who pursue things they love naturally exude their charms.”

With Asuka shining bright after returning to tennis in the previous episode, Sango becomes more keen than ever to find her own shine. With a modelling audition opening up, she decides to try it out if she can find that shine. During the audition, she comes to a realisation about her own “like”.

Sango and Manatsu

Manatsu pledges her support to Sango

This is the episode where Sango shines – or, perhaps more accurately, the episode where Sango seeks out the thing that will make her shine. Of course the rest of the Tropical Club are all on board (although it is kind of a shame Laura was able to become a potential rival for Sango), none more so than Manatsu. I would’ve liked to hear her list everything she could’ve said about Sango, but these episodes can only be so long.

Tropical Club

Sango has the Tropical Club’s full support

Up until this point, Sango hasn’t really had a firm grasp on where she wants her future to take her. Sure, she has things she loves, like makeup, but she wasn’t into that the same way as Asuka with tennis, or Minori with writing. She steadily figures out what it is she wants to do during the course of this episode, though.


Sango helps her competitors apply their makeup

It becomes pretty clear what Sango wants to do just before the first interview of the audition, although it takes her a bit longer to actually realise that.
I also like that there’s a scene where Sango acknowledges the possibility of a Yarane-da attack during the audition, but of course the rest of the Tropical Club tell her to rest assured. On that note…

Monster of the Week

Sea cucumber Yarane-da

Of course the enemy was going to show up during the audition. The Tropical Club rush to deal with, except for Sango – they others insist she goes ahead with the audition. But…

Cure Coral

Cure Coral joins the fight, and with a more powerful barrier ability

Interesting to see Cure Coral’s barrier ability get an upgrade – she is able to create multiple at once, and at a distance, as well. It could also potentially have been one after the other in quick succession, but either way, I’d definitely say her ability has improved. She can provide much greater support to her allies now.

As of the end of this episode, Sango has a much clearer idea of the path she wants to walk down. Tropical-Rouge! PreCure‘s character focused episodes – such as this, and the previous Asuka one – have been such a delight to watch.
Looks like that will continue with Minori’s turn next time.

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