Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 38: Phoenix Academy

Asuka is considering her future in the thirty-eighth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure. Will she continue to pursue tennis? She doesn’t seem so sure, but maybe Yuriko is just the person she needs to give her that push.


Lots of great shots of Asuka playing tennis in this episode

In this episode, Asuka doesn’t really know what she wants to do for her future. A trip to Phoenix Academy with the Tropical Club soon has her playing a tennis match against Yuriko, with a referral for the school on the line. There’s more to their match then a referral, though.


Yuriko gets in on the tennis action, too

Once again, we have another Asuka x Yuriko episode. I’m always happy to see those, and this one is a particularly good one. Those two have had quite the tension between them, though I guess it was lifted a bit in their previous episode. Their tennis match brings it back full force, though, and it is glorious.

Asuka Takizawa

Asuka takes Yuriko on in a tennis match

It looks like Yuriko will absolutely dominate the match with the first game, but Asuka is able to pull it together after that. I don’t know about anybody else, but to me their match seems like their own version of couple therapy.

Yuriko's declaration

Yuriko declares she wants to get back together with Asuka

Of course Yuriko wants to play tennis with Asuka again, but it’s not until this match she actually says it out loud. But of course, things are soon interrupted by an enemy attack, but that does offer us an interesting moment. Yuriko knows that Asuka is Cure Flamingo; their previous meeting was not a dream. It’s only something Yuriko briefly mentions, and Asuka doesn’t give much of a reaction.

Monster of the Week

Another Yarane-da created from a living thing

The rest of the Tropical Club are willing to let Asuka finish up her tennis match with Yuriko whilst they deal with the trouble. Asuka makes her own choice, though, since she knows what is important to her. Would’ve been neat for the Yarane-da to be a tennis boss (like Ocarina of Time‘s Phantom Ganon, for example), but nope, it’s just a fast crab.

Tropical Cures

That’s some impressive knuckle cracking from Cure Flamingo

Once the interruption is taken care off, the episode wraps up. Asuka is more confident about what she wants to do in the future, and she’s reconciled with Yuriko. Looks like things are going pretty good for her.

Once again, another excellent episode. The Asuka x Yuriko plot has been interesting from the beginning, and seeing it come all this way has been rewarding. Very much like what I’ve seen here.

Next time, a Sango episode.

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