Thoughts on Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Games Volume 1

Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Games is a manga written and illustrated by Eri Ejima. The story focuses on Aya Mitsuki, who attends a prestigious all-girls’ school called Kuromi Girls’ Academy. She soon discovers the school’s idol, Shirayuri, has a secret: she plays fighting games.
Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga for an English release. Incidentally, the manga is also getting an anime adaptation.
This first volume contains chapters one through to four.

Young Ladies Don't Play Fighting Games Volume 1

Front cover of Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Games, featuring Shirayuri

Forbidden Love (for video games!)
Kuromi Girls’ Academy is a refined, elegant school that expects the very best in deportment from its young ladies. Aya got into this peerless rich-girls’ institution on a scholarship, and hopes to grow as lovely as her fellow student and idol, the so-called “Shirayuri-sama.” But Shirayuri hides a terrible secret: she’s a trash-talking, combo-chaining, newbie-stomping, ruthless hardcore gamer! Could a mutual indulgence in no-holds-barred video game combat grow into a deeper rapport between these two girls?

The first volume of Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Games introduces us to Aya Mitsuki, a student of the prestigious Kuromi Girls’ Academy. As the story progresses, her reason for attending such a school becomes clear, and it stems from a history with fighting games. She desires to step away from them, but discovering Shirayuri’s secret brings her right back to them.

As you can imagine, a fighting game features quite heavily in this manga. As such, there are a few technical terms thrown around here and there that those who don’t really know fighting games may not be familiar with. Fortunately, there tends to be text boxes that explain what these terms mean, so you don’t need to be a fighting game aficionado to enjoy this manga.
I will say that fighting game fans will probably get a bit more out of this manga, though, It should go without saying that Aya gets roped into playing a fighting game despite trying to leave them behind, and those sections feel very well done. If I had to guess, the game they play – Iron Senpai 4 – is based on Street Fighter. They have the quarter circle forward motion plus punch button for throwing a fireball, for example.

The fighting game part of the manga is not all the story has to offer. Shirayuri leaves quite the first impression on Aya when she first sees her, and then the two seem to become closer and closer. By the end of this first volume, we’ve had a kabedon scene, and Aya and Shirayuri have shared a bed.
Seems like fighting games aren’t the only thing that can make Aya’s heart beat faster.

I really enjoyed this first volume of Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Games. The dynamic between Aya and Shirayuri is great, and its clear that plenty of fighting game knowledge has been put to use here. Very much looking forward to its continuation, as well as that eventual anime adaptation.

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