Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 37: Fool’s Casket

The Tropical Club’s trip to Gran Ocean didn’t go as they had planned previously. Now, though, they get to discover some of its secrets. Oh, and they still have to do something about that one enemy they have no way to defeat…

Asuka, Manatsu, Laura, Minori and Sango

The Tropical Club gets lost searching for the real queen

After being defeated previously, the Tropical Club are determined to save the Queen of Gran Ocean. Their search leads them to discovering mermaid memories. They find the Queen shortly afterwards, who reveals the truth behind those memories – it is something that Laura is not happy about.
That conversation gets cut short by news of an enemy attack, which the girls go and tend to. Their foe is beyond their abilities, but it seems that they have an unseen ally on their side.

Legendary Pretty Cure

The Legendary Pretty Cure appears in a mermaid’s memory

So it seems that Manatsu has been dreaming from a mermaid’s perspective – or that’s what appears to be the case when they discover the mermaid’s memories. I’m also starting to think that the Legendary Pretty Cure made quite the sacrifice in her battle against the Witch of Delays.
Those mermaid memories definitely bring up some questions, but this episode does shine a bit of light upon them for us.

Melusine Muses Mnemosyne

The real Queen of Gran Ocean: Melusine Muses Mnemosyne

Huh, I guess Melusine Muses as well. As to what she muses about… I’d imagine PreCure is also part of it. Nice to see a kindred spirit. Anyways, putting that aside, Queen Melusine has quite a bit of information to share, such as what the Witch of Delays hopes to achieve – immortality through opening the Fool’s Casket.
The Witch of Delays’ minions are aware of it, although it is heavily hinted that perhaps Butler has his own objectives.

Young Manatsu and Laura

Manatsu and Laura’s first meeting – one that Laura does not remember

Laura’s memory of meeting Manatsu for the first time is so frickin’ adorable. What is less adorable is that Laura had the memory removed due the Gran Ocean’s law forbidding mermaids from contacting humans.
Things sure are being set up for an emotional gut punch of an ending… could we see something come close to Maho Girls PreCure?
Naturally, Laura doesn’t want to forget anything she’s been through. I’m sure Manatsu and the others will find some way to make sure she remembers. For the time being, though, the girls have a Yarane-da problem to deal with.

Legendary PreCure

Looks like the Legendary Pretty Cure is watching over Cure Summer and the others

The Legendary Pretty Cure also plays an important role in this episode, and it seems that she is something akin to a wandering spirit. Queen Melusine makes a remark later on about the Legendary Pretty Cure’s physical body. Interesting how Queen Melusine has kept her memory of the Legendary Pretty Cure…
Whatever the case may be, the Legendary Pretty Cure is able to get the Marine Ring to La Mer.

Marine Beat Dynamic

“Same desu!”

We get to see a new attack, Marine Beat Dynamic, in action. I’m sure the shark saying “shaarrk” is just a coincidence, and definitely not a reference to hololive’s Gawr Gura. Probably.
With that, the girls have powered up once more. Now they are able to deal with Yarane-das created from living things.


Manatsu gives Laura the promised flower crown

This episode ends with a scene that makes the Manatsu x Laura ship even stronger – and it was pretty strong to begin with. Such a heart-warming scene.

Yet another excellent episode from Tropical-Rouge PreCure!. It’s expanded upon the mermaid’s lore, given us a bit more insight into the Legendary Pretty Cure, and had plenty of Manatsu and Laura bonding. Really loved what I saw here.

Next time, we’re getting more Asuka and Yuriko stuff. I am looking forward to that a great deal.

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1 Response to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 37: Fool’s Casket

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Mahou Precure isn’t a bad way for things to go, but I’d like another Doki sort of thing, where they decide that it’s time to break down those walls, and have both worlds live together. Really makes you wonder how the rule first started…

    I like how Elde is the one who’s noticing that something is very off with Butler. Shows that she’s already starting to grow up. It was also nice to learn the motivations behind the trio, since we never really got why they were going along with Butler’s plans in the first place.

    The fact that no one’s known to actually activated it before, says a lot about how unlikely it is to be what Butler says it is.

    Why is Manatsu having dreams from a mermaid perspective…I wonder?

    The ManatsuLaura stuff is always really strong, but it was sure a plot twist that they had met when they were little o_o

    Really looking forward to where this story goes!

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