Thoughts on Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Volume 12

All of New York City becomes a battleground in the twelfth volume of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka as the Babel Brigade moves ever closer to achieving its objective. There are plenty of Military Magical Girls in place to respond to the threats, but making a solid move is tough whilst the enemy’s ultimate goal is unclear.
This volume contains chapters forty-eight through to fifty-one.

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Volume 12

Front cover of the twelfth volume of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, featuring the Brigadier

The Magical Girls must stop a string of terrorist attacks on New York City! Jard faces off against a pair of mercenaries who use music as a weapon. So-yeon and Claire take on the necromancer, Varvara. And Asuka, Kurumi, and Mia work together to bring down the two improved versions of the biological weapon, Zmey. Amidst this chaos, the truth behind the Babel Brigade’s sinister plan comes to light!

The previous volume spent time setting up the New York arc, and now this one is where all the action kicks into high gear. Golems, zombies and the biological weapons Zmey are the main threats that the Military Magical Girls – or just MMG – respond to in this volume. With the idea of keeping the Legendary Five in reserve until the Babel Brigade’s objective is clear, that means other Magical Girls get to show off their abilities.
In particular, Jard, So-yeon and Claire. French, Russian and Korean Magical Girls respectively, this trio was one of the many things that the previous volume established.

Of those three Magical Girls, it is Jard, the French MMG, who gets the best showcase of her skills. Her desire to break things proves to be quite an asset on the battlefield. Just unfortunate that “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” very much applies to Jard. Even human shields…
So-yeon and Claire team up to deal with the necromancer Varvara, and their battle pretty much goes in the opposite direction of Jard’s.
Whilst I would like to think that So-yeon and Claire are more capable of what we see here, it does lead to Nazani and Chisato taking over the fight – and I’m always happy to see those two in action. Nazani also has a debt to settle with Varvara; I just hope she fares better than the Korean and British Magical Girls did…

Only three of the Legendary Five are called into battle this time around, and their opponents are the two improved Zmey. Honestly, that whole thing feels like more of a warm up than anything else; particularly when the Babel Brigade reveals their newest ally.

As all this action unfolds across New York City, Asuka’s side steadily put together all the information that they have collected over the past few incidents, and move ever closer to figuring out what it is the Babel Brigade is hoping to achieve. Perhaps they move just a little too slowly, though…

Pretty great volume this time around. It’s interesting to new Magical Girls leap into combat, even if most of them prove to be woefully inept. Jard wasn’t exactly doing any favours for herself with her indiscriminate attacks, either…
But hey, at least the more experienced Magical Girls were able to get their time to shine as well. Asuka certainly has her hands full with her next opponent; the next volume is going to be pretty interesting, I’d wager. This one certainly was.

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