Game of the Month: November 2021

Here we are in the middle of November, at the time of writing, so it seems like a pretty good time to reveal my Game of the Month – the penultimate one of 2021, even. I also have a few honourable mentions to make, including one that I may have forgotten last time…
There’s quite a bit of a supernatural theme running throughout all the games I’ll be featuring here, which is an interesting coincidence.

First up, as ever, the honourable mentions:
MELTY BLOOD TYPE LUMINA – One of a series of 2D fighting games based on TYPE-MOON’s Tsukihime. I do enjoy an anime fighter from time to time, and this one scratches that itch.

PROJECT ZERO: MAIDEN OF BLACK WATER – Returning once again to Mt. Hikami with Camera Obscura in hand to exorcise ghosts and unravel the mysteries surrounding the playable characters.

SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI V – Take on the role of a being known as a Nahobino, and recruit demons to your side as you explore a post-apocalyptic Tokyo whilst deciding whether to side with order or chaos.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl – Very much looking forward to venturing into the Sinnoh region once more.

Honourable mentions done. Now for my main feature.BLUE REFLECTION Second LightBLUE REFLECTION: Second Light focuses on a girl named Ao Hoshizaki, who finds herself in a school surrounded only by water. She has three other companions there who have lost their memories. They are soon granted powers, allowing to fight monsters in areas they can access outside of the school that they dub “Heartscapes”. The girls strive to regain their lost memories, and figure out how to return to their respective homes.

BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light is the second game in its series, and it also has connections to the recent anime adaptation, Blue Reflection Ray. It is an RPG, and is split up between school and Heartscape sections.
At the school, Ao is able to cook, craft and develop facilities. Perhaps most importantly, though, is going on dates with the other girls.

Heartscapes are areas made up of the girls’ lost memories, which also happen to be occupied by demons. If the girls want to restore their memories, they’re going to have to fight. Fortunately, they have rings that allow them to summon forth weapons, or even transform.
BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light uses a real time battle system. It is possible to have the characters chain skills together, building up combos and really racking up that damage.

I’ve been enjoying my time with the game so far, and would say it’s definitely worth a look. There’s also a free demo, so you can try it out for yourself if you’re on the fence about it.

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I enjoy writing, manga, anime and video games, so naturally here on my blog, you will find anime reviews, Nintendo news and other such things that I deem interesting.
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