Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 36: Marine Ring

The Queen of Gran Ocean extends an invitation to Laura and company in the thirty-sixth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure. It is only reasonable that they accept, so the Tropical Club is headed under the sea this time around.

Manatsu's Dream

Manatsu’s dream

This episode opens with Manatsu dreaming of what appears to be a battle between the Legendary PreCure and the Witch of Delays. After Manatsu wakes up, Laura is contacted by the Queen of Gran Ocean, who invites them to visit the place.
The Tropical Club go to Gran Ocean, with a little help from Laura and Kururun, and are tasked with searching for the Marine Ring. Kururun soon discovers things are not quite as they seem, though.

Right, with the synopsis done, let’s take a moment to focus on Manatsu’s dream. She’s clearly fighting the Witch of Delays in it, but what isn’t so clear is who exactly she is in the dream. After all, she sees the Legendary PreCure – perhaps the last thing the person she was in the dream ever saw… Yeah, this episode is definitely on the darker side.

Laura, Manatsu & Kururun

The Queen of Gran Ocean extends an invitation to Laura and company

This episode takes the Tropical Club underwater, although not for the first time. What is a first, though, is the girls going to Gran Ocean. For a brief moment it seems like Asuka is suspicious of the invitation when Laura and Manatsu inform the others, but that quickly passes. Perhaps Asuka should’ve held on to that hunch…

Tropical Cures

Cure La Mer and Kururun guide the others to Gran Ocean

Drowning is of no concern to the girls – a given for Laura, obviously – since they have their PreCure powers. The lipstick they each carry also keeps them safe in human form, although Minori suspects that is only the case in Gran Ocean.


The Queen of Gran Ocean

This episode gives us the first face-to-face meeting between the Tropical Club (you know, besides Laura) and the Queen of Gran Ocean. The way Manatsu conducts herself in that meeting is amusing, although the Queen herself proves to be surprisingly evasive. What could that possibly mean?

Search for the Marine Ring

The girls tour Gran Ocean and search for the Marine Ring

After a feast, the Queen asks the girls to seek out the Marine Ring. All their told is that it is in Gran Ocean somewhere, and it will respond to the Land Ring. They go off to search, leaving Kururun alone. I’m starting to think Kururun might be one of the most bullied fairies of the PreCure franchise…
That does lead Kururun discovering the truth behind what is going on in this episode, though.

Monster of the Week

The first Yarane-da created from a living being

PreCure’s enemies have a plot in mind, and the girls stumbled right into their trap. Whilst the enemy does get exposed, they still have plenty of fight in them.
Before that, though, it seems that Gran Ocean has a little bit of dark history. Now that is something that intrigues me quite a bit; why is there a device for sucking out memories in Gran Ocean? I wonder if it has some connection to the Witch of Delays and the Legendary PreCure?
We also have the first instance of a Super Zettai Yarane-da created from a living being. This is the most powerful type of Yarane-da yet, and it proves to be overwhelming for PreCure.

Marine Ring

The Marine Ring

There is a glimmer of hope when the very Ring they were searching for materialises, but seems that was all calculated by the enemy, too. This episode ends on a cliffhanger.

What an episode, though. Some darker elements are appearing, and I am all for that. This episode also provides a rare instance of an enemy victory, although I doubt Cure Summer and her allies are going to let that stand for long.
Excellent stuff from Tropical-Rouge! PreCure, and I am very keen to see what the next episode has to offer.

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1 Response to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 36: Marine Ring

  1. cirno9fan says:

    it was an episode that calls into question many things, includijng what “mermaids” even are. And so much more furthers the idea that the witch of delays is a mermaid who is being controlled by that helmet.

    It is pretty rare to get to see them lose, even moreso to have the loss carry into the next episode. But it usually results in quite the scenes.

    I have to wonder where the “Legendary precure” is…..she has to be somewhere……

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