Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 15

The time draws ever closer in the fifteenth, and penultimate, volume of Kentaro Sato’s Magical Girl Site manga. Aya and her fellow Magical Girls are the only ones who can put a halt to the catastrophe that is unfolding. Their foes aren’t just going to sit back and let that happen, though.
This volume contains chapters one hundred and eighteen through to one hundred and twenty-eight.

Magical Girl Site 15

Front cover of the fifteenth volume of Magical Girl Site, featuring Aya Asagiri and Sarina Shizukume

The Magical Girls are fighting desperately to complete their mission! Can Aya save the people who have been turned to sperm and take back her family?! The final battle is here and the whole world is at stake!

Well, that blurb contained a sentence I never thought I’d type, but here we are. Yeah, the events  of Magical Girl Site are getting to be quite extreme. This volume is the second to last one, so of course things are going to go that way.
The first part of this volume is all about revealing the origin of the Magical Girl Site. Seems that the Earth has had quite the storied history in this particular universe, not humanity is able to remember.
It is quite a bit of exposition, but things are kept interesting as we see how Magical Girl Site, the King and Ichi are all connected.

After all that exposition, though, we get more action. Once again it is Aya who is leaping into battle against the site managers, though she’s not alone. The front cover probably clued you in on this, but Sarina stands at her side as they fight.
The battle against the site managers might just be the best we have gotten from this manga so far. The timid Aya is long gone; she’s determined to save the world no matter what, and she’s certainly become very adept at using her wand.
Sarina’s development as a character has been interesting to witness, too. Probably the biggest source of Aya’s misery at the beginning, she has gone to become one of Aya’s closest allies. I suppose the whole truth behind being a magical girl as well as the Tempest can do that to a person.
Seeing Aya and Sarina fight side by side like they did in this volume was certainly a sight to behold.

Aya and Sarina aren’t the only ones with a fight on their hands, though. The other Magical Girls have to play their part in saving the world, although it is someone else who has the responsibility of dealing with the King. If they can get to that point, since there is still one powerful foe who stands in the way.

There is also an appearance of a character from Kentaro Sato’s other work, Magical Girl Apocalypse. I’m hoping it’s more of a cameo than anything, because Magical Girl Site has been more than capable of standing on its own. Guess we’ll have to wait until the final volume to see where that goes.

As for this volume, though, it is fantastic. The earlier flashback arc in the series has long been forgotten; Magical Girl Site is riding on a high as of its recent volumes. Presumably it will keep up that momentum all the way to the end; the stage is set for an impressive finale, if nothing else.

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