Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 14

The end continues to approach in the fourteenth volume of Kentaro Sato’s Magical Girl Site manga, but Aya and the other Magical Girls aren’t just going to sit back and let it happen.
This volume contains chapters one hundred and eight to one hundred and seventeen.

Magical Girl Site 14

Front cover of the fourteenth volume of Magical Girl Site, featuring Aya Asagiri

With just ten days until the Tempest begins, the Magical Girls don’t have much time to halt the coming cataclysm. The Managers are putting all their efforts into quashing the rebels – but that is not all Aya and her friends have to face. What will they do now that the mysterious King has awakened?

This volume of Magical Girl Site drops some more information about site manager Nana, as well as Misumi and Alice, before diving back into the thrill of Magical Girl vs. site manager fights.
Aya also continues to show fantastic development; she’s been through a lot, but she has mustered up levels of resolve that the old Aya probably thought impossible.

We also get some very impressive battles against site managers as the Magical Girls fight to protect their loved ones. Since this is Magical Girl Site, there are casualties, but it still remains impressive to see the Magical Girls overcome the overwhelming odds – well, at least some of them do…

On the subject of the site managers, Aya has a particularly crucial battle with one. She obtains a key piece of information, although it’s more of a personal matter. Might be helpful in stopping the Tempest, too, but Aya has her own plans, it seems.
Just a shame that things get far more complicated for everyone involved with the awakening of the “King”. The Magical Girls are going to need to take action urgently, and even then… it may be too late.

This was a proper thrilling volume of Magical Girl Site, with some interesting exposition, and Aya showing how far she has come from the beginning of the series. Throw in the King’s awakening, and the events of this volume are certainly very memorable. Excellent stuff from Kentaro Sato here.

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