Thoughts on Still Sick Volume 3

The story of Akashi’s Still Sick manga comes to an end with the third and final volume in the series. Akane has an important decision to make, and of course Makoto is there to offer her support.
This volume contains chapters fifteen through to twenty-three.

Still Sick Volume 3

Front cover of the third and final volume of Still Sick, featuring Akane Maekawa and Makoto Shimizu

Akane Maekawa used to be a popular manga creator; now, she works in an office. She just needs to get through her writer’s block to make her comeback in the manga publishing world. After accidentally finding out her secret, her coworker, Makoto Shimizu, has vowed to help support her dream.
Touched by Makoto’s belief in her and confused by the intense emotions growing between them, Akane finds herself at a turning point in her life. Will she be able to grow and change? What is waiting for her if she does?
Despite the uncertainty, Akane decides to face her future – and her love for Makoto – with everything she’s got!

Akane’s return to getting her manga published is not an easy path, and she even continues to struggle with it in this final volume of the Still Sick series. Much of the drama that arises in this volume specifically pertains to Akane’s manga career.
Even short period of time where Makoto mistakenly believes Akane is cheating on her is connected to manga – Akane gains a new editor, who has her take on an assistant role with a rival. Makoto’s imagination runs away with her, but Akane clears things up pretty quickly. Glad to see that they didn’t drag that out.

Also, Makoto should totally have a little more faith in Akane; it’s plain to see that Akane does care deeply for her, even if it takes her some time to muster up the resolve to say three certain words. Either way, Akane and Makoto have excellent chemistry together. Their interactions tend to trend towards the cute and funny. Those two ladies certainly make for a wholesome pair.

With this being the final volume, of course the story wraps up. It’s nice to have a published yuri manga actually reach a conclusion, particularly as it feels sadly common for them to end prematurely. The three volumes of Still Sick tell a complete story, and it was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.
I’m satisfied with how it all wraps up. If you’re curious, then read the manga – Still Sick is definitely an easy recommendation from me. Well, an easy yuri genre recommendation, anyways – I could also see aspiring comic artists maybe getting something out of this, too.

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