Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 35: Taking Quick Action

The thirty-fifth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure is its Halloween episode, which features a surprising amount of pineapples… We also discover what happens when someone else besides Laura tries to retrieve Motivation Power.

Halloween Party Prep

The Tropical Club prepares for the Halloween party

With Halloween party preparations underway, a sudden Yarane-da attack results in Manatsu attempting to retrieve the Motivation Power from it whilst Laura is absent. The results are not great, and Manatsu has a crisis of confidence. Not ideal, when there’s another enemy attack, but her friends are there to steer her back onto the right path.


Laura’s confident about winning the costume competition

Well, here it is: the Halloween episode. Interesting to see them using pineapples instead of pumpkins. I suppose that it does add that tropical touch to proceedings. Also, we see pretty early on that this episode is going to be about Manatsu’s tendency to get so wrapped up in things that she forgets the things around her.
I don’t know about anybody else, but the way Laura complains about that makes it feel like she wants Manatsu to pay more attention to her.

Devil Laura

Laura is not satisfied with the costumes

Being the Halloween episode, of course the girls dress up. Laura is the only one who can’t seem to find something that she really likes, though. Personally, I think the costumes she does try on are actually pretty good. Amusingly, she keeps the horns and fangs even after stripping off. As for the other girls… there’s a good group shot of them later.

Monster of the Week

A rare appearance from a normal Yarane-da

It’s been a long while, but we have the sudden appearance of just a normal Yarane-da. Of course it is not a threat to PreCure at this point, but we need something to have Cure Summer try and reclaim its Motivation Power.

Cure Summer

Cure Summer tries reclaiming the Motivation Power

You can tell that Cure Summer using the Mermaid Aqua Pot is a one-time thing, because it is not in CG for the most part. What really matters, though, is what happens afterwards. The Motivation Power remains stuck in the Pot, and the civilians all remain unmotivated.

Manatsu and Laura

Manatsu and Laura

So as it turns out, Laura has to be the one to reclaim the stolen Motivation Power otherwise things get kind of bad. Unfortunately Manatsu had to discover that the hard way, leading to her crisis of confidence. But, of course, there has to be some kind of event that will snap her out of it – and it usually comes in the shape of a Yarane-da.

Monster of the Week2

Two Yarane-das? This episode is spoiling us.

More specifically, a pineapple Super Zettai Yarane-da. Can’t protect Halloween if you’re moping, and Laura and the others help Manatsu to realise that. It also means that Cure Summer has to actually stop to think whilst she does battle against the enemy.

Great episode here. Definitely interesting to see a tropical Halloween, and nice to see Cure Summer actually taking the time to consider her choices in battle. Also, some pretty nice costumes on display here. I have only one thing to say to bring this post to an end:

Tropical Club Halloween

Happy Halloween!

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