Thoughts on Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Volume 11

The mission in Russia may have ended, but the loose ends that need to be tied up mean that a few of those who got involved are in for a rough time. A Security Council meeting also means lots of important people gathering together…
This volume contains chapters forty-three to forty-seven.

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Volume 11

Front cover of the eleventh volume of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, featuring Nazani and Chisato

Tamara has been rescued, but in order to free her from the Russian Army’s indoctrination, her teammates must torture her. Meanwhile, the U.N. calls an emergency meeting of the Security Council, gathering Magical Girls from all over the world, including Asuka’s Five. Behind the scenes, the wicked hand of the Babel Brigade creeps ever closer!

We peer into the pasts of a couple of characters in this volume of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, namely Kurumi and Nazani. Neither are particularly happy pasts, but this manga generally is pretty dark. Nazani does have the opportunity to come face to face with someone from her past, but it seems like it would have been better if she had not.
I’m happy to see both Nazani and Chisato get involved in the story in big ways; they may have been foes at first, but it was just unfortunate circumstances that made them that way. They’ve definitely redeemed themselves by this point, though. Nazani and Chisato also have a great relationship going on.

As for Kurumi, she finally comes clean to Asuka about her “methods”. Once again, another dark past at play here – Kurumi did not have a happy family life. Now if only Kurumi could come clean about her actual feelings for Asuka, not just steal a kiss whilst she is sleeping. Maybe one day; for the time being, they still have their duties as Magical Girls to worry about.

Asuka and Kurumi get to return to a regular life, if only briefly, in this volume, meaning we get to see Nozomi and Sayako once again. It’s been a long old while since they’ve made an appearance, and they serve as a nice reminder of the kind of life that Asuka and Kurumi could be having.
Sayako has something pretty impressive going for her, but she also happens to be a target. Seems like things are going be getting pretty rough for her.

We also have the first present day gathering of the Legendary Five in this volume, and it’s entirely wholesome. No more brainwashed allies to worry about; just five girls hugging it out when they meet up.
Besides a reunion, we also are introduced to three more Magical Girls; the second generation. We have Magical Girls from France, Korea and Britain here. I just hope those ladies get to survive the events that are coming up.

This volume goes pretty easy on the action, instead closing out the Russian arc and setting up what is to come next. Judging by how this volume ends, the action is set to ramp up next time. With the Legendary Five gathered together and new Magical Girls appearing, I’m looking forward to seeing what is in store.
It doesn’t always have to be all action, though, and volumes like this one are still good. It’s interesting to glimpse into the pasts of characters such as Nazani and Kurumi, even if they would rather just leave them far behind.

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