Thoughts on Farewell to My Alter: Nio Nakatani Short Story Collection

Farewell to My Alter: Nio Nakatani Short Story Collection is exactly what it says in the title: a collection of short stories written and illustrated by Nio Nakatani. I imagine plenty of people are aware, but for those who are not, Nio Nakatani is the mangaka of Bloom into You.
This is a collection of nine short stories, including a few that were also included in the Éclair anthologies. Yen Press licensed this collection for an English release.

Farewell to My Alter Nio Nakatani Short Story Collection

Front cover of Farewell to My Alter: Nio Nakatani Short Story Collection, featuring Ruriko and Hariko Oruta (don’t ask which is which), from the Farewell to My Alter story

Nio Nakatani, known for her delicate and heart-warming portrayal of girls’ love, presents a marvelous collection of short stories that span her whole career. With works including her striking debut title Farewell to My Alter, enthralling tales from the Éclair anthologies, and a hauntingly captivating piece penned exclusively for this volume, Nakatani explores the deeper nuances of loss, identity, and matters of the heart.

It’s pretty fascinating to see how Nio Nakatani started out with her debut work Farewell to My Alter, and the other stories included in this collection make for some compelling reading, too. Readers of the Éclair anthologies will be treading some familiar ground here, though it is nice to have the separate works compiled into one place.

When you hear the name Nio Nakatani, yuri is probably the genre that will immediately come to mind. Interestingly enough, a few of the stories included here can’t really be considered yuri. Farewell to My Alter for example, despite featuring girls kissing – twins, even. That doesn’t detract from Nakatani’s ability to tell a compelling story at all, though. The Hero Saves the World Three Times was an enjoyable read – particular for RPG fans – and I Want to Be Kind is interesting.
It goes without saying that the stories from the Éclair anthologies are yuri. They’re good here, and once again I definitely want to mention Comm-ear-ication, which can also be read in Éclair Bleue. That’s a particularly cute and fluffy story.

This collection of short stories offers some interesting insight into Nio Nakatani’s work through her career, and is something I’d definitely recommend that fans of Bloom into You look into. A solid collection of stories, exploring a variety of themes. Excellent stuff from Nio Nakatani here.

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