Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 33: Ten Tales

The thirty-third episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure brings us something a little different: ten stories compiled into a single episode. Interestingly enough, one of the featured stories might just catch your heart…


Minori introduces this episode

As stated, this episode is simply a collection of ten different stories featuring the Tropical-Rouge! PreCure cast – though we do have an appearance from some special guests during one story. I won’t go through the tales one by one; I’m here to review, not recap, after all.

Sango, Manatsu and Asuka

From left to right: Sango, Manatsu and Asuka… wait, something seems off…

What I can do, though, is talk about some of my highlights, such as the body swapping being brought back for one story. It starts with Sango and Asuka switching, but it soon gets kind of complicated. The episode gives this away fairly early, but the tone of these stories are on the sillier side, despite how things may seem with Minori’s initial introduction.

Chongi-re and Cure Flamingo

Well, now I guess we know that there can be consequences to trying to interrupt the monster of the week summoning ritual

Every story – or skit, I suppose you could even call them – are pretty funny, but there are definitely a couple in there that got a bigger laugh out of me than others. The comedic timing definitely helped in at least one of those cases.

HeartCatch PreCure

HeartCatch PreCure!

This episode also gives us an appearance from the HeartCatch girls, no doubt to tie in with Tropical-Rouge! PreCure: The Snow Princess and the Miraculous Ring!. Not quite as epic as Cure Black and Cure White’s appearance in Hugtto! PreCure, but it sure is nice to get stuff like this every once in a while. Unfortunately, they don’t interact with the Tropical Cures at all.

New attack name

The girls come up with new attack names

The story with the attack name – referencing Jugemu, because of course – also got a good laugh out of me. Using everyone’s suggestions to make the attack name ridiculously long is just one layer of the humour, though. In order to make it fit, there is a mishmash of stock footage, which only adds to the absurdity of it all. Yeah, this episode is one of the silliest we’ve had in a while.

Silly, maybe, but definitely a very good episode. So much wackiness to enjoy here. Also, Minori has a shocking revelation about this episode at the end, so keep an eye out for that.

Next time, the girls are contemplating their dreams for the future.

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