Thoughts on Laid-Back Camp Volume 10

The tenth volume of Afro’s Laid-Back Camp sees the OEC try camping a little closer to home, whilst Rin sets off on an adventure with a new friend.
This volume contains chapters fifty-three through to fifty-seven.Laid-Back Camp Volume 10Nadeshiko and the others are back home from Izu, and they’re already thinking about where to go next. Ena has an idea for some luxurious daytime camping that hits close to home, literally. Her spacious backyard is the perfect place to grill sausages and check out Chikuwa’s pup tent. But where’s Rin in all this? Seems she’s busy planning something… like a road trip for two?!

This volume can pretty much be split up into two parts: the OEC’s back garden camping, and Rin and Ayano’s road trip. With work having kept the OEC busy, they are able to meet up for the first time in a while and try to figure out their next plan for camping – all whilst making some alcohol stoves.
The plan ends up being camping in Ena’s back garden.
There’s some pretty fun stuff happen with all that, such as a haircut and making home-made sausages. Turns out that sometimes you don’t need to travel far from one’s home to enjoy the great outdoors.

The second part of this volume switches focus to Rin, who is invited to go camping by Ayano – Nadeshiko’s childhood friend that she met before. Nadeshiko’s invited too, but she has to make her own way there as she can only rely on the train to get her there.
As such, we get Rin and Ayano going on an adventure in the place known as “suspension bridge country”, and sure enough, there are plenty of bridges for them to be crossing. Bridges might be a generally mundane thing to think about, but there sure are some interesting ones for Rin and Ayano to cross.

Whilst Rin and Ayano are off doing that, Nadeshiko’s having a little adventure of her own. Before that trip, she was also considering her own solo camp, but it seems that one will have to wait.

This is a fun volume of Laid-Back Camp, getting us geared up for the Ooi River arc. No doubt more laid-back adventures await our intrepid campers.

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