Thoughts on Even Though We’re Adults Volume 2

Things are getting pretty complicated for Ayano in the second volume of Takako Shimura Even Though We’re Adults, as she deals with her feelings for Akari, on top of a family situation. This volume contains chapters six through ten.

Even Though We're Adults Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of Even Though We’re Adults, featuring Akari and Ayano

Ayano has told her husband that she has feelings for another woman. Now her marriage is on the rocks, but Ayano just can’t stop thinking about Akari. Can the two women figure out their feelings for each other?

Here we go again, another volume of Even Though We’re Adults bringing us more drama as a woman tries to figure out the feelings she has for another woman. Things sure are getting complicated; even more so now that Ayano has told her husband.
Then Ayano decides to move in with her husband’s family, because apparently that’s the right thing to do in that situation… I’m not sure Ayano is exactly making a sound decision there. It feels like she’s letting herself be pushed around, particularly by Wataru’s mother.
The subject of divorce does come up between Ayano and Wataru, but Wataru shuts it down immediately. That really did not sit well with me; no discussion or anything – it felt perhaps a little too possessive on Wataru’s part.

This volume focuses on Ayano and her moving in with Wataru’s family, but one thing that is still very much present – whether she likes it or not – are Ayano’s feelings for Akari. Ayano has no hope of escaping from that, it seems.

Also introduced in this volume is Wataru’s introverted sister, Eri. Apparently she keeps to herself most of the time, but it seems she forms some kind of bond with Ayano. Perhaps it might just be a “good day” for her, but it’s nice to see Ayano able to get along with someone in that awkward situation she has found herself in.

On Akari’s side of things, though her appearance in this volume feels brief, she gives some major thought to how she feels towards Ayano. It appears she’s prepared to take steps to move on, but of course things really cannot go that simply.

So, things are pretty complicated as our main characters deal with their feelings, as I’ve mentioned. I’m still intrigued to see where this will all end up going. Someone’s heart is most likely going to be broken in the end, but I want to see where this rollercoaster will take us.

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