Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 32: Aozora Pretty Collection

Sango finds herself participating in a fashion show in the thirty-second episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure, though she has to overcome her nerves first.


Sango is asked to participate in the Aozora Pretty Collection fashion show

When one of the models can’t make it to the Aozora Pretty Collection fashion show, the man in charge, Koni, happens to spot Sango and decides she would be perfect for the role. Sango accepts, and puts her heart into preparing for it. When the show arrives, however, Sango’s nerves get the better of her. A little teamwork and a quick battle against PreCure’s enemies help her with that, though.

Manatsu & Sango

Manatsu and Sango try on some clothes

Here we have a Sango episode, and it is centred on cuteness, as that is Sango’s thing. Sango is pretty cute, after all. Anyways, it’s not the preparations for the event that Sango struggles with, but the event itself.

Nervous Sango

Nervous Sango

This episode is all about Sango gaining the confidence to stride down the catwalk. It’s not something she can rely on the Tropical Club for this time around; after all, they can’t be behind the scenes whilst everyone is getting prepared. Besides, the Tropical Club has something else they need to focus on.

Monster of the Week

Somehow I doubt the younger demographic of this show understands this reference

I originally thought that PreCure would be fighting multiple foes here, similar to episode 29. Turns out nope, it was just one Super Zettai Yarane-da in different outfits. Summer, Papaya, Flamingo and La Mer are evenly matched against, because obviously it is not their episode.

Cure Coral

Cure Coral runs down the catwalk

Was hoping for a little bit more Cure Coral action than what we got here, but it wasn’t to be. Oh well, I guess we were reminded how cute her transformation sequence is. Also, Numeri attempts to play on Coral’s nerves, but Coral has overcome that when she steps out to fight – after all, everyone involved in the fashion show loves cute things.

To wrap things up, a fun episode. Glad to see that Sango was able to overcome her fears.

Next time, kuru-kururun, kuru-kuru- wait, hold up! Looks like it won’t just be the Tropical-Rouge Cures appearing in the next episode. I am intrigued.

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