Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 31: Open Up Your Heart

Here’s an episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure that I have been eagerly anticipating. Asuka is on a school trip this time around, and we are finally getting some more insight into what happened between her and Yuriko.


Asuka has some unexpected company on her trip

Asuka is on a school trip on a train in this episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure. Naturally it’s not a quiet trip, as Laura and Kururun secretly join her, and Numeri manages to sneak aboard, too. The most important thing to come from all of this, though, is Asuka opening up to Laura about what happened between her and Yuriko

Asuka's plan

Asuka’s plan for dealing with Numeri is pretty solid

I appreciate them not beating around the bush with revealing Numeri is on the train as well – Asuka and Laura run into her almost immediately. At least Numeri is sporting enough to wait until the train stops to fight – although Asuka has other ideas.


Yuriko hears Asuka talking to someone

Of course, the other star of this episode is Yuriko. Asuka feels she needs to keep Laura being present hidden from everyone else, which naturally invites Yuriko’s suspicion. There’s also the small matter of something having happened between Asuka and Yuriko in the past, and Laura is able to convince Asuka to talk about it.

Asuka & Yuriko

Asuka & Yuriko during their tennis club days

Finally, Asuka reveals the event that created so much tension between herself and Yuriko. Asuka was right to confront those girls, though I guess Yuriko has a point when she said that Asuka should’ve kept her temper in check. Yuriko’s decision after that did not sit well with Asuka, giving us the tension between them.

Monster of the Week

Numeri returns with a Super Zettai Yarane-da

After Asuka has talked to Laura, Numeri attacks – and Asuka and Laura find themselves unable to transform, so they help with evacuation – until the other students’ motivation gets stolen. Then it is transformation time.

Yuriko and Cure Flamingo

Cure Flamingo checks on Yuriko

It seems that Yuriko is the only student (beside Laura and Asuka, obviously) to not have her motivation power stolen. Was she just out of the way, or does she possess a particularly strong will? Either way, she witnesses Cure Flamingo take on the Super Zettai Yarane-da.
Yuriko seems to connect some dots upon seeing Flamingo fight – something she seemingly writes off as a dream. Hmm…
Everything wraps up shortly afterwards.

Good episode. Summer, Coral and Papaya using their PreCure powers to deliver Asuka’s pillow was pretty amusing, and I’m happy to finally know a bit more about Asuka and Yuriko’s relationship. I also thing we’ve still got some potential for more interactions between those two, particularly with Yuriko figuring out who Cure Flamingo might actually be.

Next time, Sango’s in a fashion show.

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