Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 28: Aozora Makeup Class

Time for a cultural festival in the twenty-eighth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure, and the Tropical Club is planning to share all their knowledge of makeup. Laura also notices that something seems to be off with Minori.


Laura notices that something is up with Minori

In this episode, the Tropical Club prepares a makeup class for the upcoming cultural festival, whilst Manatsu’s class opt for a crepe stand. Laura notices something about Minori, and tries to find out why she left the literary club before.

Tropical Club

The Tropical Club discuss their plans for the Makeup Class

This episode is pretty much a follow up of the one where Laura and Minori switched bodies, with some cultural festival stuff thrown in for good measure. I like that a lot – we get to see the friendship that Laura and Minori developed because of that event. Laura is even able to pick up on what Minori is feeling and get an idea of what it is she’s thinking.
The nod back to the previous episode is nice, too.


Laura prefers her mermaid form whenever she’s in water

As you may be able to put together, the two stars of this particular episode are Laura and Minori. It’s nice to see things building on the events of past episodes. With Minori being a quieter character, too, it also feels nice to see her put in the spotlight.


I dunno, I feel like the makeup suits some girls better than others…

The Tropical Club’s part in this episode is the Makeup Class, which is a class all about makeup, not a class to make up for bad grades. I’m not so sure all of the girls pull of the makeup look that well, but I guess it would seem a little off if they weren’t wearing makeup themselves as well.
Minori takes care of the background work, for the most part.

Minori with makeup

Minori interview

With the Broadcast Club wanting to interview the Tropical Club about the Makeup Class and everyone finding their hands full, Minori steps up. She is stepping outside her comfort zone, but there’s a reason she is able to find the confidence to do so now.

Monster of the Week

Zettai Yarane-da time

Since this is PreCure, there can’t be an event without a monster interrupting it. Of course the Tropical Club do their thing, with Cure Papaya being MVP for the battle. Afterwards, Minori talks about why she quit the literary club before, and the influence the Tropical Club has had on her now. It’s a sweet moment.

Good Minori episode. Liked what I saw her, and glad to see it building on top of what has been previously established.
Next time, seems like the girls might be getting a little bit stronger.

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