Thoughts on Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Volume 4 (Manga)

Yuna is making children’s lives better and taking on an escort quest in the fourth volume of Sergei’s Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear manga adaptation.
This volume contains chapters thirty-one through to chapter forty.

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Volume 4 (Manga)

Front cover of the fourth volume of the Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear manga, featuring Yuna and Noir

Mama Bear mode activated!
When Yuna sees a group of starving orphans in the town square, she takes it upon herself to look into their situation. She discovers that their orphanage is severely underfunded after the local lord, Fochrosé, cruelly cut off support! Yuna decides she’s going to help the orphans herself… and get revenge on Fochrosé while she’s at it!

In this volume of the manga, we see the lengths that Yuna is willing to go to, to ensure the future of the children living at a soon-to-be destitute orphanage. I guess it’s easy to forget at this point, but Yuna did spend much of her previous life playing the stock market; it probably stands to reason that she is able to transfer some of that experience into setting up and running a business.

And the root of the orphanage’s problems can be traced back to one Lord Cliff Fochrosé, which amusingly results in Yuna’s earlier suspicions towards him seeming to be correct. Of course, there is more than meets the eye actually going on behind the scenes, but that’s something that Yuna herself never gets to witness.
She’s just present for the end result, which is probably for the best – there is some dark stuff going on for Fochrosé to deal with.

After everything with the orphanage, Yuna takes on a new job: escorting Noir Fochrosé to the capital. She may have her reservations about Cliff, but it seems she’s more than happy to go out of her way for cute girls.
Talking of cute girls, it is not just Yuna and Noir making the journey to the capital. Yuna decides to have Fina accompany them.
Upon discovering who she is escorting, Fina is very reluctant to go. However, a bit of persuasion results in her hitting it off with Noir. Nice to see the two people who are perhaps the closest to Yuna finally meet, and bond.

Naturally, trouble starts brewing during Yuna’s escort mission, although this volume of manga ends as she starts dealing with it.

As always, an impressive showing from Yuna. This volume of manga allows her to show off her business acumen, as well as her “Mama Bear” nature. Fun stuff from this adaptation.

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