Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 24: More of Hometown

The Tropical Club are once again butting heads with the student council in the twenty-fourth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure. Fortunately, a quiz show is in town for them to help settle their differences.

Yuriko's interview

Surely nothing can go wrong during Yuriko’s interview…

During an interview, the Tropical Club winds up causing some trouble for Yuriko. That leads to them being invited to appear on a TV show called More of Hometown, where they compete in a quiz. If the student council wins, the Tropical Club will be suspended.

Yuriko and Asuka

Student council vs. Tropical Club

It’s good to see Yuriko again, particularly with her competitive side coming out. I suspect that may be due to Asuka’s influence. We’re still unclear on what happened between the two of them, which is something this episode unfortunately does not explore. I’m sure we will get to that eventually, though.
Instead, the focus here is on the competition between the Tropical Club and the student council.

Tropical Club

I hope the TV crew cleaned up afterwards

The girls may be competing in a quiz, but it’s a bit more involved than just saying their answers. There are actually five teams competing, but obviously the main focus is on the Tropical Club and the student council. The other three teams might as well not even be there.

Asuka, Laura and Manatsu

You’d think Laura would be the ideal person to answer a question about the blue whale…

Seems that quiz only takes into account human knowledge, unfortunately for a certain mermaid. Not really unexpected, though; as soon as Laura said she’ll answer, I think everyone realised where things were gonna go.

Sango, Manatsu, Asuka, Minori and Laura

Manatsu accidentally sabotaging her own team…

Turns out the winner of the quiz will be determined solely by its final round, as these things tend to be. With things proceeding smoothly, it’s about time for something to interrupt it.

Monster of the Week

Buzzer button Zettai Yarane-da

I was half expecting the button to have already been turned into a Zettai Yarane-da, resulting in a chase. This works too, I guess. We also discover that the normal special attacks do indeed work on them, so I’m still struggling to see how the Zettai Yarane-da are an upgrade over the Zenzen Yarane-da.

Laura, Manatsu, Asuka, Minori and Sango

Watching the slow motion replay

The episode wraps up after the fight, and I’ll let you discover the results for yourself.

Fun episode here, I always appreciate seeing more from Yuriko. Still really want to know what happened between her and Asuka, but I guess that’s for another time.

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