Thoughts on The Conditions of Paradise: Azure Dreams

Akiko Morishima returns with a third yuri manga anthology, rounding out the The Conditions of Paradise trilogy with Azure Dreams. This one contains stories that were originally published in Comic Yuri Hime, as well as one previously unpublished work.

The Conditions of Paradise Azure Dreams

Front cover of The Conditions of Paradise: Azure Dreams, featuring Ruri Rokujou and Sayaka Mikuni from the Azure Dreams story

Love in the workplace
Ruri and Sayaka have always gotten along, but when the two coworkers go out for drinks, Sayaka ends up confessing her love for Ruri! After a drunken hookup, will the two be able to face each other Monday morning? Or is it the start of an office romance? Find out in this collection of seven yuri love stories!

The different stories in The Conditions of Paradise: Azure Dreams provides a variety of yuri content. We get office ladies, age gap and rivalry among a few other things. As far as I am concerned, every story here is a hit.
As with any other collection of stories, there are one or two I prefer above the others, but I can happily report that all of them are top quality. It’s just a case of my personal preferences coming into play.

On that note, I’d probably have to pick out Honey and Mustard as my favourite story, which has a friendly rivalry between two exes. There’s some nice humour in there, as well as fun characters. Honey and Mustard is also notably the only one that has coloured pages. Admittedly only a few, but it really jumps out when they just show up in the middle of the manga.
Incomplete Fujoshi is another fun story, too. Seems that my favourite stories from this particular anthology are the more light-hearted ones with a lot of humour.

Also worth noting is that two of the stories – The Season of the Twenty-Year-Old Virgin and Under a Full Moon – are directly linked. All the others are stand alone, but even then you don’t need any prior knowledge to start reading The Season of the Twenty-Year-Old Virgin.

When it comes down to it, Azure Paradise is a very welcome addition to the The Conditions of Paradise series. Every story it has to tell is fun to read, and what more do you need to ask for? The variety also keeps things from getting stale, too.

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