Thoughts on Cocoon Entwined Volume 3

Lots of hair stuff going on in Yuriko Hara’s Cocoon Entwined manga series, and the third volume is no exception to that. Youko’s thoughts and feelings are the main focus here.
This volume contains chapters sixteen through to twenty-two.

Cocoon Entwined Volume 3

Front cover of the third volume of Cocoon Entwined, featuring Hana Saeki and Youko Yokozawa

Hoshimiya Girls’ Academy – a legendary academy known for its exquisite uniforms made from a secret material: human hair. As the school year marches on, the sudden disappearance of the girl with the most beautiful hair throws the student body into chaos. Rumours swirl and grow, threatening to sweep up the distraught Hana, and Youko chases after her, grasping at the thin thread that connects them. Will their intertwined fates unravel, or will they be bound more tightly together?

Using hair as symbolism is something that comes up pretty often in manga and anime, and I feel that Cocoon Entwined kind of takes that to is extreme conclusion. It always seems to come down to the hair in this manga, and I still think that gives it vaguely sinister undertones.
Then you get talk of things like “intertwining fates”, or “cutting hair”, and that only adds more fuel for that particular fire. I guess the uniforms being made from human hair is the most sinister thing, though; I still cannot imagine that being comfortable in any way.

The main focus of this volume, though, is on Youko, and her reactions to what happened with Hana previously. She has a fair bit to process throughout this volume, eventually deciding on a course of action that will probably have consequences later on down the line.
We also have a glimpse of Youko’s past, showing us how she became the person she is presently. Although it seems that changes a bit when Hana is involved.

Cocoon Entwined continues to be an intriguing read. I’m honestly not entirely sure what to make of it thus far. That aforementioned intrigue does keep me coming back to it, particularly as I do want to see how things shape up between all of the characters. I don’t think this would be towards the top of a list of my yuri manga recommendations, though.
However, I am still very much open to reading the rest; maybe as the story continues on, I’ll be able to form a more tangible opinion of the manga as a whole. It definitely feels like there is more going on with this story.

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