Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 23: Small Wishes

The Tropical Club’s time on Minamino Island is coming to an end in the twenty-third episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure. Before they leave, there’s one more event for them to participate in.

Manatsu scuba

Nothing like a spot of scuba diving in the morning

In this episode, the Tropical Club make the best of their last day on Minamino Island. They ensure that they train their “tropica-shining minds” and “tropica-shining bodies”, as that was their goal when they decided to visit Minamino Island, after all.
One tradition on the island involves making a wish; Laura makes one that she doesn’t want the others to know. When certain events almost cause Laura’s wish to be revealed, she takes it upon herself to put an end to that situation as quickly as possible.

Volleyball Asuka

Asuka doesn’t hold back, even against children

There’s a montage of the Tropical Club enjoying various activities on the island, including some volleyball. Asuka not holding back against kids is pretty funny, but that became even more amusing when she got praised for it.

Manatsu and Aoi

Manatsu and the others dress up in yukata for the festival

I think one of the main treats from this series of episodes set on Minamino Island has been the alternative outfits we’ve seen the girls wearing. First swimsuits, and now yukata. It’s nice to see things change up every now and then, and probably a pretty good inspiration for fan artists, too.
Aoi’s (Manatsu’s Mum) anecdote of her special encounter got a chuckle out of me. Yay for subverting expectations!

Monster of the Week

Cure La Mer can’t help but feel this Zettai Yarane-da looks familiar…

Our monster of the week encounter happens just because Elde happens to be passing by, and the sight of a festival makes her jealous. Ultimately, though, Elde has a more successful trip to Minamino Island than Numeri.

Tropical Club Yukata

Group shot of the Tropical Club wearing yukata

I’m surprised that they didn’t have a yukata group shot before the appearance of the Zettai Yarane-da. The closest we got was when Laura was taking a picture of the other four. Oh well, we got there in the end.

Cure La Mer

Cure La Mer takes on the enemy by herself

The Zettai Yarane-das haven’t exactly had a good showing so far… are they actually supposed to be more powerful than the Zenzen Yarane-das? That’s not really coming across, particularly with Cure La Mer going kind of ballistic and single-handedly taking out the one in this episode. It did get a good laugh out of me, though.
Elde also makes a comment about La Mer’s motivation, so maybe La Mer’s desire to keep her wish secret made her stronger. Or something like that.

Tropical Club stargazing

The Tropical Club gaze at the starry sky

This episode wraps up, and so too does the Tropical Club’s time on Minamino Island. There’s some fun interactions to cap off this episode, as well as the enemy seemingly moving closer to their goal.

Another fun episode, and a good way to bring the Minamino Island arc to an end. We’ve been treated to some very strong stuff over the past few episodes, and I know I’ll be remembering them fondly.

Next time, the Tropical Club and the student council are butting heads again – which means more Yuriko! Safe to say I’m looking forward to that.

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  1. AirMasterHoney says:

    It seems the Zettai are like the Blue Nose Akanbe from Smile where they are stated to be weaker than normal Akanbe but are immune to the special attacks.

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