Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S Episode 5: Tohru & Elma II

The fifth episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S gives us a glimpse into Tohru and Elma’s past, whilst in the present Ilulu looks for work.

Elma, Miss Kobayashi and Tohru

Torhu and Elma haven’t always been like this towards each other

Three chapters of the manga are adapted for this episode, and we start off with one from the fifth volume: Chapter 44: Tohru & Elma II. This is definitely one of the things I’ve been most anticipating about this season of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

Tohru & Elma

Tohru and Elma’s first meeting

The adaptation of this chapter doesn’t have any major differences, though I will point out that Elma wasn’t in bed when Tohru appeared in her window in the manga. The conversation that followed was pretty much the same, though.

Elma, Miss Kobayashi & Tohru

Miss Kobayashi listens intently to Tohru and Elma’s story

Since she was introduced fairly late in the first season, Elma didn’t really get much chance to shine there. I’m glad to see her role in this second season get expanded. Elma gets some very intriguing stuff in the later volumes of manga; I’m just hoping we at least get the pivotal moment that leads to that point in this season.

Elma vs Tohru

Elma vs. Tohru

We don’t often see the dragon forms come out lately, but wow, KyoAni held nothing back on animating the fight from Tohru and Elma’s flashback. I also really like Miss Kobayashi’s interpretation of Tohru and Elma’s story, even if the two dragons do protest.

Ilulu and cats

Ilulu sunbathing with cats

Next we jump to volume 6, and the adaptation of chapter 51: “Ilulu & Work (1)”. With Ilulu having spent too long just lazing around, Tohru decides to help her find somewhere to work. In the manga, Ilulu actually says she has befriended a lot of cats, whilst the anime goes for show, not tell.
Whilst the general plot of this chapter remains the same between manga and anime, the latter does add something.

Saikawa & Kanna

Matching Saikawa and Kanna

Kanna and Saikawa are not present in the manga. Not that I’m complaining; any extra cute Kanna x Saikawa scenes are always welcome. In the manga Ilulu just does randomly go along with two little girls, so I guess adding Kanna and Saikawa gives it a bit more familiarity.

Taketo Aida

Taketo Aida

Then we move on to the adaptation of chapter 51, “Ilulu & Work (2)”. Here we are introduced to the grandson of the owner of Oboro Shop, Taketo Aida – or just Take. He’s a teenage boy, and his reactions to Ilulu’s rather free nature are about what you’d expect.
The adaptation of this chapter leaves a couple of things out. First, the manga shows that Ilulu wears plasters over her nipples. Secondly, Ilulu tells Take about a person she like and wants to breed with – maybe.


Ilulu at work

Ilulu being able to handle the work at the shop is good stuff. Take being the typical teenage boy, not so good. It’s not really anything new, and I don’t find much entertainment from it. No doubt there are people who will gets their kicks from it, though, and good for them.

As you can probably guess, everything involving Tohru and Elma was my highlight of this entire episode. Definitely hoping more of the chapters that focus on those two get adapted. Even from the flashback alone, I’d happily call this a decent episode. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid‘s good always seems to outweigh the bad.

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