Game of the Month: August 2021

I’ve got two honourable mentions for this month, on top of my main highlight. These three games also happen to have been released right at the end of July. I’ll be returning to a couple of familiar franchises, as well as discovering an older one through a HD remake.

So first up, my two honourable mentions:
Cotton Reboot! – A “cute ’em up”, and apparently one of the earliest of its kind. For those unaware, “cute ’em up” is a side-scrolling shooter featuring cute characters.
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – The Ace Attorney series returns, except this time it is set in 19th Century Japan and Great Britain (and actually those countries, not some weird Americanised versions). Chronicles includes both Adventures and Resolve, originally released as separate games for the Nintendo 3DS.

Now for my main highlight for this month:NEO The World Ends With YouNEO: The World Ends With You is the sequel to The World Ends With You, bringing us a new story about new players in a new Reapers’ Game. Still set in the same old Shibuya, though.

The main character for this game is Rindo, who suddenly finds himself participating in a game after a certain chain of events. Teaming up with other new characters such as Fret and Nagi, he tries to figure out exactly what is going on within the game.
And whilst there are plenty of new faces appearing in this game, you can expect to see plenty of familiar faces appearing, presuming you’ve played the original The World Ends With You.

The game pits players against monster known as Noise (not the same as the Symphogear ones), and even other players. Fortunately, Rindo and his allies have some very useful abilities at their disposal to get through the game.

Combat is handled with pins once again; however, they use button inputs rather than touch screen controls. Certain characters can equip certain pins, granting them different attack types. Combat retains a familiar element from the original The World Ends With You, whilst changing it up for a new experience, in other words.

One thing I definitely have to mention is the soundtrack. NEO: The World Ends With You‘s soundtrack is so incredibly good. Hardly a surprise, considering that The World Ends With You has a similarly amazing soundtrack. You’ll even hear a few familiar songs in NEO: The World Ends With You.

NEO: The World Ends With You is a worthy sequel, and well worth looking into if you enjoyed the first The World Ends With You.

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