Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S Episode 3: Ilulu & Saikawa

Ilulu is settling into the Kobayashi household in the third episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S. Lucoa gives her a little push to get her better acquainted with Saikawa, too. There’s also talk of maid outfits, and Tohru picks up a few hobbies.


Nice to see Saikawa again

This episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S adapts three chapters from three different volumes of the manga. First up, we get chapter 45 from volume 5, “Ilulu & Saikawa”. As you can probably guess, this is where Saikawa meets Ilulu for the first time.

Kanna, Saikawa & Ilulu

Ilulu joins in with Kanna and Saikawa’s games

The adaptation of this chapter is fairly spot-on. There is a small scene in the manga where Saikawa reacts to the size of Ilulu’s chest, but that seems to be the only difference I could find. Not that the scene is really necessary.
It’s also a rare instance of Lucoa doing something that I can actually appreciate; I definitely enjoy her character more when Shouta is not involved.


Tohru calls a gathering to decide on a maid outfit for Miss Kobayashi

Next, we move on to chapter 53 from volume 6, “Miss Kobayashi & Maid Outfits”. Besides the whole designing a maid outfit for Miss Kobayashi thing, we also have Kanna, Saikawa, Ilulu and Shouta playing a board game.
I thought that might’ve come from the Kanna’s Daily Life manga, but they are playing the Game of Life there, as opposed to some kind of Monopoly game. Actually, they’re playing the Game of Life in the main manga as well, but you only see it for a single panel.
There are some pretty amusing maid outfit designs shown off, which you’ll have to discover for yourself.

Miss Kobayashi & Georgie

Georgie has some interesting things to say about maid outfits

If you ever wondered what makes a maid outfit, Georgie probably has an answer for you. The end result of the whole maid outfit thing is quite the treat, actually.

Tohru & Miss Kobayashi

Double maid

The last part of this episode adapts chapter 60 from volume 7, “Tohru and Hobbies”. It features the Kobayashis’ neighbours, who don’t really get to see all that often. We also get a fun cameo.


Neat little fhána cameo here

With Tohru wondering about hobbies, she happens to hear a familiar piece of music. This is lifted straight from the manga, though the TV is blocked by a speech bubble there. However, the “chu chu yeah~!” is a pretty big giveaway as to what she is listening to.

Tohru with a guitar

Tohru can shred!

This part of the episode is all about Tohru trying out various hobbies, but not being able to find the fun in them. One of her neighbours does have something particularly wise to say about all that. The anime cuts out the part where Tohru talks to Miss Kobayashi about hobbies, but the end result is the same.
On that note, Ilulu also suggests something other than sleep might be a hobby of hers, but that’s something the anime has not quite gotten to yet. I know it will get there at some point, because of a character that appears during the opening credits.

On that note, we have a unique ending theme for this episode, tying into Tohru’s hobby. It’s pretty dang funny.

Fantastic episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S. We got past a part of the manga that I didn’t enjoy in the previous episode, so now we got nothing but pure gold. There’s some stuff that I don’t particularly feel strongly about coming up in the future, but there is also some incredibly strong stuff to look forward to, too.

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