Tropical Rouge! PreCure Episode 21: Adventure Plan

Summer break arrives in the twenty-first episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure, so the Tropical Club starts planning for it.

Manatsu and Laura

Laura invites the Tropical Club to Minamino Island

Summer break arrives in this episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure, but Laura is not exactly all that enthusiastic about it. After all, she just started attending human school. Still, the other members of the Tropical Club are excited, even more so when Manatsu invites them to Minamino Island.
They all start preparing for their trip in this episode.

Tropical Club

The Tropical Club plans their itinerary for Minamino Island

This episode feels like the beginning of an arc to me. We could call it the Minamino Island Arc. Manatsu and company have plenty of ideas about what they want to do on the island; there’s definitely plenty of content there to fill up multiple episodes if that is indeed the direction in which this goes.

Manatsu, Kururun and Laura

An excited Manatsu sleeps with Laura

Seeing Manatsu and Laura sleep in the same bed is a treat. That is something that tends to happen quite a bit throughout the PreCure franchise, and it only adds more fire to the fuel for any given ship. Just a shame Manatsu falls asleep almost immediately…

Sango & Manatsu

Sango and Manatsu are thrilled about getting to eat the lunches Asuka made for them

It was pretty funny to see most of the Tropical Club pack way too much, besides Asuka who had no problems carrying her stuff. Then again, Asuka seemed to bring a sensible amount with her.
But of course the Tropical Club can’t set off on their excursion without some trouble popping up first.

Monster of the Week

This week, PreCure will be fighting Manatsu’s suitcase

The whole Zenzen Yarane-da sequence from this episode is pretty amusing. From Manatsu clinging to it from the contents of her suitcase being used against PreCure during the fight, this is definitely one of the more memorable monster of the week encounters.

Asuka, Manatsu, Minori, Laura & Sango

Looks like the girls are gonna have to earn their summer break

On the antagonists’ side of things, Butler seems to discover something interesting in a book. It’s a small scene, and it isn’t exactly clear what he found, but I’m sure that will come to light eventually.

This episode wraps up with the girls arriving on Minamino Island; looks like the adventure will begin proper next time.

I don’t know how long the stay at Minamino Island will last. Fingers crossed for multiple episodes. As I mentioned earlier, it does feel like the start of a new arc.
This was a good episode. Lots of fun stuff going on here, and it’s setting up what is to come next as well. Also gets bonus points for Manatsu and Laura sharing a bed.

Next time, the Tropical Club is going on an adventure.

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1 Response to Tropical Rouge! PreCure Episode 21: Adventure Plan

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I am about completely positive that it was the “treasure cave” that the butler saw in that book. Should be interesting how that factors into things!

    I knew Manatsu would be the type to fall asleep right away, but it was still a really adorable scene ❤

    As always, this show is tons of fun, and full of clippable moments!

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