Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 19: Abandoned Doll

The Tropical Club are investigating one of Aozora Middle’s seven legends in the nineteenth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure. Manatsu is not exactly thrilled about the prospect.

Manatsu in a barrel


The Tropical Club takes on its next activity in this episode: investigating Aozora Middle’s seven legends. They decide to look into an abandoned mansion that is located behind the school, where Manatsu discovers a talking doll.
Though Manatsu is afraid at first, she soon visits the doll regularly to make offerings, and becomes determined to protect the mansion when the enemy attacks.

Asuka, Sango, Manatsu, Laura and Minori

I like Laura’s outfit

The mansion that the Tropical Club is investigating is scheduled to be demolished, yet there’s absolutely nothing stopping just anybody from waltzing straight into it. Apparently it’s dangerous, but not quite enough to bother preventing school kids from staying away. This is probably one of those things you shouldn’t really think too hard about, I guess. After all, it does give us a pretty decent episode.

The doll

The rumoured doll

Of course Manatsu is the one to discover the rumoured doll, and sure enough, it talks to her. There’s a reason the doll talks, though Manatsu never picks up on it – despite a close call later on in the episode.

Monster of the Week

This is actually the second Zenzen Yarane-da in this episode

We have a rare instance of two Zenzen Yarane-das in this episode, with the first one being defeated immediately at the start of this episode. It was a traffic cone, by the way. This second one seems like it could do a lot more damage, and it does – to the mansion.

Cure Summer

Cure Summer attacks

Although Coral, Papaya, Flamingo and La Mer are first to engage the Zenzen Yarane-da, it is Cure Summer who pretty much ends up taking it on solo. After all, she is not happy about the damage it is causing to the mansion, particularly after hearing the doll’s story. Though La Mer steals the kill at the end…

One of the antagonists experienced a Pretty Cure’s kindness in this episode. I wonder if that might deal a blow to their motivation to fight, now that they are aware that the PreCure are not bad people. We’ll have to see, but I do feel like a certain enemy’s immaturity could lead to them switching sides at some point.

This was a fun episode. Always nice to see the antagonists get a little more screentime and development.

Next time, detective Minori is on the case.

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1 Response to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 19: Abandoned Doll

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Elde is ❤

    it was really thoughtful of her to make sure the doll wasn't there, so it wouldn't destroy the story she told Manatsu.

    I already liked her a lot so far, and this episode made that like go even higher! I definitely see her being one of the antagonists turned support in the series. Every one of her episodes has hinted towards this.

    it was very amusing that Manatsu was the one who was the most terrified of ghosts. It was nice that she admitted it quickly, instead of trying to keep up an act.

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