Thoughts on Cells at Work! Code Black Volume 6

The body faces its bleakest chapter yet in the sixth volume of Shigemitsu Harada’s Cells at Work! Code Black. White Blood Cell is down for the count, and all the attempts to help the body from outside all seem to keep failing.
This volume contains chapters thirty-two through to thirty-six.Cells at Work! Code Black Volume 6CODE BLEAK
The body has faced down stress, diabetes, alcoholism, and more, but one affliction can be deadlier than them all: depression. As problems mount, the cells worry that the body is giving up. Outside interventions have, time and again, saved the day, but how long can medical science keep someone alive when despair has snuffed out all hope? The body faces its blackest chapter yet…

Things go from bad to worse for the body in this volume of Cells at Work! Code Black, and it starts proving to be too much even for Red Blood Cell. The body itself doesn’t even seem like it has any intention of continuing to live, and that throws many of the cells into doubt about what it is they are actually doing.
There doesn’t ever seem to be much hope for the cells in the body, and this volume might just be the biggest demonstration of that.

Time and time again the body has had to rely on outside interventions to continue surviving, but Red Blood Cell becomes convinced that relying on such things are contributing to the worsening health of the body. There’s also a faction of cells who actively protest such things; they want to keep the body natural.
Red Blood Cell’s fears are certainly justified, considering what he has experienced, but he also gets to see how the outside intervention is affecting the body first-hand. It’s risky, but there are a few faint rays of hope.

This volume might be the most bleak Cells at Work! Code Black has ever been, and tackles some serious issues. Taking care of your mental health is equally as important as taking care of your physical health.

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