Thoughts on Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Everyday Misadventures Volume 2

Mile and the Crimson Vow return for more misadventures in the second volume of Yuki Moritaka’s spinoff manga.
This volume contains chapters ten through to eighteen.Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life Everyday Misadventures Volume 2Come for the Adventure, Stay for the Catgirls!
Mile and the Crimson Vow are back for another round of hilarious stories about their (not so) normal, everyday life. Whether it’s cheering each other up, putting on a show to save an inn, or trying to figure out exactly why Mile has so many cosplay cat ears, the Crimson Vow proves that you don’t need an epic quest to live it up!

I feel like Mile’s obsession with little catgirls has only increased in this volume of Everyday Misadventures!. I’m genuinely concerned about what would happen if she actually got her hands on one. Mile is even willing to kidnap them if necessary, being stopped only by the other members of Crimson Vow.
OK, it’s played for laughs, but we all know if Mile went all out, there’s next to nothing in that world that can actually stop her from getting the little catgirl of her dreams. For now, though, she’s just got to settle for handing out cat ears to every girl she meets.

The misadventures the Crimson Vow get up to this time include escaping one dark past, creating a new dark past, and going on an adventure where they follow a treasure map. Naturally, none of these go particularly smoothly, and that doesn’t come from enemies or whatever.
The Crimson Vow are their own biggest obstacles, with Mile being the one responsible for that nine times out of ten. Still, it is pretty amusing to see what wacky scheme Mile has come up with, and the rest of the Crimson Vow’s reactions to it. Reina, Pauline and Mavis all play off of Mile really well.

Much like the first volume, one chapter is set during Mile’s time at Eckland Academy, back when she was known as Adele. It’s fine, but I personally prefer the Crimson Vow. I don’t know, the Wonder Trio don’t seem quite as fun as Reina, Mavis and Pauline.

The first volume of Everyday Misadventures! was a lot of fun, and that trend continues with the second.

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