Thoughts on Our Teachers are Dating! Volume 1

Our Teachers are Dating! is a yuri manga written and illustrated by Pikachi Ohi. As the title implies, it is about two teachers who are dating.
Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga for an English release. This first volume contains chapters one through to six.

Our Teachers are Dating! Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of Our Teachers are Dating!, featuring Saki Terano and Asuka Hayama

Lessons in Love
Hayama-sensei and Terano-sensei are two women who work at the same school… and just started going out! They’re a little shy about their budding relationship, but their coworkers – and even their students – are rooting for them as they bumble their way through love!

This manga focuses on health and PE teacher Asuka Hayama and biology teacher Saki Terano. They’re dating, as you’ve probably put together from the title of this manga. This volume in particular focuses on the beginning of their relationship.
Safe to say, Asuka and Saki are a pair of dorks. They have plenty of cute, awkward interactions between each other. One thing that can’t be denied, though: the two of them are in love.
There’s no room for doubt that the pair of them are into each other, even if they haven’t quite mustered up the courage to say three certain words to each other.

That’s where the supporting cast comes. English teachers Elena Miyazawa and Rui Bandou fully support Asuka and Saki’s relationship, even encouraging them. The two of them also tend to be pretty keen to pry into how far Asuka and Saki have gone. One of them is a yuri fan, after all – which also happens to be her reason for becoming a teacher at an all girls’ school.

On that note, the students are all supportive of Asuka and Saki’s relationship once it gets out their teachers are dating. Actually, everyone seems pretty cool with it. There’s a place for drama in yuri, but sometimes it is just nice to have a wholesome story about two omen in love.

This manga is a lot of fun. The relationship between Asuka and Saki is so cute, and seeing them become closer and closer intimately is satisfying to see. Everyone being supportive of the two is really sweet as well. Definitely a big fan of what Pikachi Ohi has given us here.

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