Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 18: Exercise Month

The Tropical-Rouge team has increased by one. Now that she is able to pass as a normal human, Laura starts her first day at school in the eighteenth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure.

Laura and Manatsu take a picture to commemorate Laura’s first day of school

In this episode, Laura experiences her first day of school. Her self introduction inspires the president of the swim club to ask her to join, and naturally Laura accepts. She is a mermaid after all; swimming is her forte.
Unfortunately, most of the lessons at school are not her forte. Then the time for club activities arrive, but there’s the small matter of an enemy attack to deal with before Laura can finally jump into the pool.

Laura introduces herself

Almost immediately, this episode shows us that Laura is able to freely switch between her mermaid and human forms. It also means that the animation for the opening credits doesn’t have to be changed. Although there’s no Cure La Mer featured there yet, so perhaps it will change at some point.

Still waiting for Asuka and Yuriko’s story

Yuriko only has a small role to play in this episode, but I will take the time to mention that the story between her and Asuka is probably my most anticipated thing in this show now that Cure La Mer has officially debuted.
This is a Laura episode, though, and it focuses on her first day of school. The first lesson she has makes it look like she’ll do fine, but turns out she’s only knowledgeable about things that are connected to the sea.

President of the swim club, Eiko Mizushima

Laura’s self-introduction was great; can’t help but feel she might have gotten a little more arrogant since becoming human. Her introduction also catches the attention of one Eiko Mizushima, president of the swim club. Eiko somewhat misunderstood Laura’s introduction, but either way, Laura decides to give the swim club a try.

Zenzen Yarane-da

Laura’s first swim in the pool is put on hold for a short while, though, as PreCure duty calls. Since Cure La Mer was introduced just last episode, we’re at the stage where Summer, Coral, Papaya and Flamingo have to be somewhat incompetent.

Laura is ready for the pool

I’d like to think that the reason Laura joins the battle late was because she was trying to work out the logistics of getting her human legs into the swimsuit. She’s had her legs for maybe a couple of days at least, and we’ve only seen her wearing skirts up to this point.

Cure La Mer joins the battle

Cure La Mer actually gets to see a bit more combat against this Zenzen Yarane-da, which I’m happy to see. I felt her debut fight was a little lacking, so this was an improvement. I look forward to when we get to the more serious fights, but for now, this will have to suffice.
I was surprised to see Cure Summer break out her special move, but that was ultimately to create an opening; of course La Mer was the one to get the finishing blow.

It’s back to the pool after the fight, and Laura puts on an impressive display. Impressive from a certain perspective, at least…
Seems she might be more suited to joining the Tropical Club, after all.

Pretty good Laura episode. Nice to see becoming human hasn’t changed her personality at all, and Cure La Mer got a better chance to shine. Had fun watching this one.

Next time, ghost stories.

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1 Response to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 18: Exercise Month

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I was very relieved it was a transformation thing, and we’ll get to see more of mermaid Laura ❤

    Her arrogance did seem to return in full fold ever since she got her human form, but she's still the Laura we all know and love~

    It's always great how she does the least possible effort to hide her identity of being a mermaid, and all the others have to scramble to cover up it XD

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