Thoughts on Cells at Work! Baby Volume 1

Cell at Work! Baby is a spin-off of Akane Shimizu’s Cells at Work! manga, focusing on the cells working inside a baby’s body. It is written and illustrated by Yasuhiro Fukuda.
Kodansha Comics licensed the series for an English release.
This first volume contains chapters one through to seven.Cells at Work! Baby Volume 1BEING A BABY IS HARD WORK!
Join these cute baby cells as they work hard within their tiny body! A mini-Red Blood Cell picks up oxygen from the helpful ladies at the Placenta, and meets a White Blood Cell for the first time, in this adorable spinoff of Cells at Work! But when tremors begin to shake their world, they’ll need to consult the Gene Library to find out what’s going on! Could this be… a contraction? And might their body soon have to… fend for itself?!

We’ve seen the cells working in an adult’s body, but now we get to see what they went through when working in a baby’s body. There’s a lot for the cells to learn, particularly when the baby is born.
There’s a lot of firsts in this volume, as you’d expect. A lot of it comes with the usual text boxes explaining various things, as you’d see in the other Cells at Work! volumes. Some of it will be very familiar, but there is the odd new thing here and there.

The cast of characters for this manga will feel very familiar, just smaller. Once again, we have a female Red Blood Cell protagonist. There is another Red Blood Cell, called “F”, who watches over Red Blood Cell from a distance; he is a tsundere.
Most of the focus is on those two, as they work their way around the body, and stumble upon all sorts of strange and unknown events.
Another notable member of the cast is the White Blood Cell. The mini White Blood Cell we see in this manga is quite the contrast from what we have seen before: he is a coward. Though I will give him his dues; when things get really bad, he will fight. Crying his head off whilst doing so, but at least he’s doing his duty, I suppose.

Much like the other Cells at Work! manga, a lot of problems are resolved by help from outside of the body. It seems even in dire situations, just holding on for as long as possible is a viable strategy. Sometimes the cells need a little help, after all.

A decently fun spinoff of Cells at Work!. If you want more from that particular world, then Cells at Work! Baby is something worth looking into. It is also a lot more light-hearted than Cell at Work! Code Black, in case you wanted something far less depressing.
I wonder how far Cells at Work! Baby can go, because surely at some point it will just become regular old Cell at Work!? Well, guess we’ll just have to see.

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1 Response to Thoughts on Cells at Work! Baby Volume 1

  1. alsmangablog says:

    I haven’t been too keen on all of the Cells at Work spinoffs, but I found this manga to be very cute and enjoyable. It has all the elements of the original, just in an more adorable, chibi package. 🙂

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