Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 16: Unknown World

The sixteenth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure is one that focuses on Laura, who isn’t acting like her usual self – and not because she’s switched bodies again.

Laura, Asuka, Manatsu, Sango & Minori

Laura and company eat melon bread on a mountain

This episode begins with the Tropical Club on a mountain peak. They could’ve probably done a whole episode on mountain climbing, but nope, it’s just a small scene to begin the episode.
The focus here is on Laura, who seems to be growing increasingly interested in humans – or perhaps, becoming one.
Also, the Witch of Delays’ servants devise a plan to capture Laura, to prevent her from reclaiming stolen Motivation Power.

Minori & Laura

Minori talks to Laura

Laura’s increasing desire to become human… hmm, I wonder what that could possibly be leading towards? I’ve only there was some kind of leak or something to give us an idea… oh well.
Always nice to see Laura and Minori interacting, too. After all, I’d say their bond has grown after they switched bodies. Minori is also pretty much able to pick up on what it is that Laura wants.

Laura, Aoi & Manatsu

Manatsu paints Laura’s fingernails whilst Aoi watches on

This episode gives us the first meeting between Manatsu’s mum Aoi and Laura. I would have expected it to actually happen before now. Manatsu hasn’t exactly been subtle about Laura’s existence, after all.
Laura seems to be quite interested in Aoi’s feet… and I’ll let people draw their own conclusions on that one.

Tropical Club

The Tropical Club paint their nails

Obviously Laura has no toenails to paint, so she has to settle for fingernails instead. The whole Tropical Club join in on that, but of course something else soon grabs their attention.

Monster of the Week

A boat Zenzen Yarane-da

This episode gives us a very rare instance of the enemy actually winning a fight. Chongire actually achieves what he sets out to do, despite Pretty Cure’s best efforts. Achieving this objective might not prove to be ideal for the antagonists in the long run, though…
Well, let’s worry about that for later on.

Laura captured

Laura is captured

The objective? Capture Laura. With that mission complete, she is taken to meet the Witch of Delays, who makes her an offer…
Laura and the others find themselves at a bit of a loss, until a clue washes up on the beach.

PreCure under the sea

Cure Summer and company dive into the ocean in search of Laura

Becoming PreCure allows Summer and the others to breathe underwater. Makes sense, after all; we’ve seen previous Cures able to breathe in space.

Good episode; it’s definitely building up anticipation for what is to come. If only we knew where this was headed… no idea what it could be.

Next time… who knows what could happen? Guess we’ll just have to tune in.

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1 Response to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 16: Unknown World

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I avoided the Ep PV, but the signs are pointing pretty heavily in this is the path to getting Laura to be precure #5. I really really hope it is ;_; I love Laura so much! And the bond between her and Manatsu is really amazing, and I hope it just keeps on getting stronger.

    I don’t think Laura needs to “become a human”, but can get the ability to transform into one (like so many other non human characters in precure history). She should still retain being a mermaid, because she’s got a kingdom to rule eventually.

    Chongire actually had quite an ingenious plan to get the pot. It’s always nice when Villains win a fight. And that also usually leads to quite nice character development.

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