Thoughts on Failed Princesses Volume 3

Time for a class trip in the third volume of Ajiichi’s Failed Princesses, in which Fujishiro has some time to figure out her feelings. She’s not the only one, however…
This volume contains chapters thirteen through to eighteen.

Failed Princesses Volume 3

Front cover of the third volume of Failed Princesses, featuring Aoda Izumi and Nanaki Fujishiro

Tangled Emotions
The angst stirred up between Fujishiro and Kurokawa by the arrival of transfer student Akazawa Iroha has settled, yet Fujishiro’s feelings are still in turmoil. Will Aoda Izumi’s advice offer her some clarity of mind? To make matters even more complicated, there’s a class trip coming up – and the four girls are in the same group! Relationships might be confusing, but one thing is for sure: the trip is sure to make hearts race!

As of this volume of Failed Princesses, it really feels like the central cast of characters has been properly established. Of course we have Fujishiro and Kurokawa, and now we have the addition of Iroha and Izumi.
Iroha caused some drama with her transfer into the school, but it has become pretty plain to see that she is getting along quite well with Kurokawa and the others now.

It’s that, however, that causes Fujishiro to really consider what it is she feels for Kurokawa. Izumi is on hand to offer some advice, but one wonders whether the advice Izumi has to offer even helps, or if she has her own ulterior motives.

The school trip in this volume gives the four girls a chance to grow even closer; and there’s no better place for that than the bath. Although perhaps being in close proximity to a naked Kurokawa might prove to be a little too much for Fujishiro, who still has yet to properly sort her feelings out.
Kurokawa and Iroha sharing otaku interests is also another factor that helps Fujishiro realise just what she wants. She’s definitely come a long way from looking at Kurokawa as a cuteness project.

Although it seems things won’t be going too smoothly, since Izumi clearly feels something towards Fujishiro. Looks like that is something that will be dealt with in the next volume, though.

I liked this volume of Failed Princesses. We now have a four central characters, and I think they’re playing off of each other quite effectively. Drama is also being stirred up between them, because that’s what will keep things interesting.
Good volume.

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