Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 15: Stop Sweating the Small Stuff

Through some strange circumstance, Minori and Laura switch bodies in the fifteenth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure.

Minori & Laura

Laura and Minori switch bodies

In this episode, the Tropical Club are practicing cheerleading. Minori helps by making banners, as she prefers to stay in the background, and she is accompanied by Laura. Minori and Laura somehow end up inside the Mermaid Aqua Pot, which causes them to switch bodies.
Minori gets to experience being a mermaid, whilst Laura discovers what it is like to be a human.

Asuka, Sango & Manatsu

Need more cheerleader Sango

Yep, this is a body switch episode. It’s interesting how Minori and Laura keep their respective voices, even though their vocal chords probably differ. Minori wears her glasses in Laura’s body, too. That’s almost certainly a visual cue so the audience can tell who is who at a glance.


Laura gives us the opportunity to see what an extremely energetic Minori would look like

As you might expect, we get two perspectives in this episode: Laura’s and Minori’s. Laura shows us what could have been had Minori been the super energetic type. It’s actually quite surprising how agile Laura is in Minori’s body, considering that’s the first ever time she’s experienced having human legs.


Minori experiences mermaid life

On Minori’s side of things, she struggles to control the Mermaid Pot, but has absolutely no trouble when it comes to swimming. She also grows closer to Kururun during her time in Laura’s body. We’re also shown just how versatile glasses can be.

Laura, Kururun & Minori

Laura stays with Minori whilst their bodies are switched

This episode also provides a glimpse into Minori’s home life. It does skip the part where Laura changes clothes, though. I have to admit, I’m kind of curious about how Laura would approach dressing her lower half now that she has legs. She’s not had any issues with skirts as a mermaid, but I could imagine her having a little more trouble trying to get human legs into other types of clothing.

Monster of the Week

A croissant Zenzen Yarane-da, because why not?

Don’t get much from the antagonists in this episode; Chongire’s pretty much just there to tick the monster of the week box. This is Minori and Laura’s episode above all else.

Laura & Minori

Laura & Minori return to normal

Apparently the trick to switching bodies back was just for Minori to really want it. I guess you could say the PreCure power also played a part, but the episode does not go out of its way to explain why exactly this all happened in the first place.
I’m OK with just accepting it, since we did get to see a different side of Minori – even if it technically wasn’t Minori herself.

Fun episode. Next time, Laura finds herself in a trap. Hmm, I wonder what that could possibly be leading up towards?

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