Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 13

The struggle against the Magical Girl Site managers continues on in the thirteenth volume of Kentaro Sato’s Magical Girl Site manga.
This volume contains chapters ninety-eight through to one hundred and seven.

Magical Girl Site 13

Front cover of the thirteenth volume of Magical Girl Site, featuring Jirou Asagiri

Not only have the managers stepped up the ferocity of their extermination, they’ve kidnapped Aya’s family! Will she and the others be able to crush Magical Girl SITE and stop the Tempest before it’s too late?!

This volume starts with the conclusion of Sayuki Ringa’s battle against a Site manager. We also get to see some in-fighting between two of the other managers; their battle is far from being a subtle one.

Besides the intense action scenes, we also get some major revelations about the Asagiri family, courtesy of Aya’s father. It’s quite the homecoming for Aya, though it is far from a happy one. This is Magical Girl Site, after all, nobody can have any happiness.
New information about Tsuyuno also comes to light. I do wonder if that has any impact on the way Aya thinks of her. Presumably not, because the Aya of volume 13 has come a very long way since the Aya of the first volume.
It sure is gratifying to see Aya face the threats of the managers head on.

Whether or not that determination will see her through the trials yet to come remains to be seen. The end is very rapidly approaching, and various forces are making their moves as it does so.

An impressive volume of Magical Girl Site, with plenty of action and revelations.

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