Thoughts on Cosmo Familia Volume 3

The third volume of Cosmo Familia is the final entry of Hanokage’s manga series. Lots of revelations to be found in this one, as you’d expect of a finale.
This volume contains chapters fifteen through to the final (twenty-second) chapter.Cosmo Familia Volume 3Family Comes in Many Shapes
After falling down a mysterious old well into the world of the past, Amakawa Alice has learned a great deal about her mother and the mysterious alien creatures known as Cosmofs. But there are more mysteries to uncover – about Alice and her family, about the strange organisation Nix, and about the Cosmofs. All is revealed in the final volume of Cosmo Familia!

This volume of Cosmo Familia brings us to the end of the story, with light finally being shed many of the mysteries introduced before. I won’t reveal those here; you’ll have to read the manga for that.
What I can say, though, is that Hanokage’s experience of working on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica manga adaptation certainly is on full display here. Things get pretty dark as more information comes to light about the Cosmofs, and those involved with them.

Overall, I’ve found the Cosmo Familia manga to be quite enjoyable. This final volume caps off the story very nicely, with every character introduced thus far having their roles to play. We also get some lovely yuri couples, which is always a nice bonus.

I’d say the Cosmo Familia manga is worth picking up, particularly if you enjoy the magical girl genre. It may not be as genre defining as Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but not every work has to be.
Still a pretty interesting read though, and I’d certainly watch an anime adaptation if it were to ever get one.

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