Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 12: Mermaid Frenzy

The Tropical Club is at odds with the disciplinary committee in episode twelve of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure, particularly with rumours of a mermaid spreading around the school.

Skater Girls

Manatsu has an idea for what the Tropical Club can do next

In this episode, the Tropical Club are discussing what their next activity should be when they are interrupted by the disciplinary committee. The committee is convinced the Tropical Club is connected to the rumours of a mermaid going around the school. This leads to the Aqua Pot being confiscated, around the same time the enemy attacks.
Whilst Manatsu and the other Cures deal with that, Laura goes to retrieve the Mermaid Pot. She’s not exactly stealthy, though…

Masami Kakuta

Masami Kakuta, head of the disciplinary committee

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think the disciplinary committee needs a little more discipline. Apparently they think it’s acceptable to make a mess of the Tropical Club’s room in search of any banned items. Nobody seems to be doing anything about their heavy-handed approach, though…


Asuka confronts the disciplinary committee

At least Asuka is willing to confront then, though. The disciplinary committee don’t back down, so that leads to Asuka going to Yuriko. Yuriko does nothing about them, but we do get a tease of Asuka and Yuriko’s history.
Honestly, Asuka and Yuriko’s story might be one of my most anticipated things in this show. I was hoping Yuriko would have a bigger role in this episode, but there’s something preventing her from helping Asuka out.


Laura doesn’t exactly do subtlety…

In an episode like this one, someone’s gonna put their foot in it sooner or later. Naturally, it is Laura who does so.

Monster of the Week

This episode’s Zenzen Yarane-da

This episode’s monster of the week felt like it came out of nowhere. There usually tends to be a scene where we see the antagonists interacting, but not this time around. Elde just shows up out of nowhere, because, hey, we need PreCure to go into action whilst the Mermaid Pot is confiscated, I guess.
Laura suggests that they can stop the enemy before they steal people’s motivation, but she’s wrong. Besides, I’m fairly certain they’ve established at this point that Yarane-das are created by using people’s motivation, so if one pops in the first place it is too late…

Laura skateboarding

That skateboard Manatsu found at the beginning of the episode sure is useful

Whilst Cure Summer and the others fight, Laura goes Metal Gear Mermaid… or not really. She needs to work more on her stealth. She does pick up a new skill, though.

Laura in uniform

Laura wearing a school uniform

If you’ve ever wondered what Laura would look like wearing a school uniform, this episode has the answer for you. Also, she figured out how to stand up and walk.

I feel like Masami could be the Kana Katsuki of this season. Well, hopefully her sanity can hold up as there will no doubt be more strange mermaid sightings around the school later on.
This was a good episode. Fingers crossed we won’t have to wait too long to see what is up between Asuka and Yuriko.

Next time, lunchtime broadcast!

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