Thoughts on Yuri Is My Job! Volume 6

Communication is key, and that is something that the sixth volume of miman’s Yuri Is My Job! manga brings to the forefront. Hime and Mitsuki have had their fair share of drama, now it is time for them to talk.
This volume contains shifts twenty-seven through to thirty-one point five.

Front cover of the sixth volume of Yuri Is My Job!, featuring Hime Shiraki and Mitsuki Yano

After turning down Hime’s early birthday gift, Mitsuki realises she may have rejected her friend’s good intentions along with it… and this wouldn’t be the first time. On the big day, however, Mitsuki can’t make it to Liebe Academy to celebrate, bedridden from a cold. So when Hime shows up at her door to check on her, Mitsuki makes a bold move to set the record straight. Taken aback by Mitsuki’s earnestness, Hime finds it difficult to return to work. With the manager’s arm healed, the salon finally has a full staff like before – so is there any reason for Hime to stay?

This volume brings a resolution to the drama that started previously, with a long old conversation between Hime and Mitsuki. It’s been a long time coming, but Hime is finally able to get Mitsuki to speak honestly about her own feelings.
Whether Hime wants to hear that stuff or not… well, that’s just something you’ll have to find out for yourself.

We also get a flashback to Mitsuki’s first encounter with Hime, and how she developed feelings towards her. That’s some cute stuff, which is a nice change of pace from the drama we had been getting before.
Most of this volume is simply a conversation between Hime and Mitsuki, and yet it is still compelling. After seeing how the pair have been acting towards each other, it is nice to have them finally put it all out there.

There is a bit more from Liebe Academy, though again, Hime brings a little more drama. She reaches a decision about her time there, but we’ll have to wait until volume seven to see how that pans out.

Overall, this is an excellent volume. It took me a while longer than it should’ve to get around to it, but now I finally have, I am very pleased to see how the plot has progressed. This is also one of the manga series I would love to see get an anime adaptation, even if it might be considered somewhat niche. Having the likes of Bloom into You and Adachi and Shimamura get anime adaptations doesn’t make it seem so impossible, though…

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