Game of the Month: May 2021

This month, the game I want to feature is a sequel to a title that was originally released around two decades ago. Any more and I’ll probably give away what the game is, though I’m sure plenty of people would have guessed by this point.
Also got some honourable mentions, too.First, the honourable mentions.
Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antimony of Common Flowers – The 15.5th game in the Touhou Project series, and the sixth versus fighting game. It has a tag team system, and nineteen playable characters.
Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir & Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind – Due for release later on in May, we’re getting some Nintendo history released outside of Japan for the first time.
Miitopia – Originally released for Nintendo 3DS, this title is getting a Switch rerelease. The Mii customisation in this game is on a different level to what has come before, allowing you to create your own cast for the story. A demo is available on the Nintendo eShop.

Now for the main event. Say cheese!After two decades, the Pokémon Snap series finally gets a sequel with New Pokémon Snap. To put its premise simply: you take pictures of Pokémon.
These are Pokémon that are found out in the wild, so it’s an opportunity to see the monsters in their natural habitats. They will also interact with each other, providing the opportunity for plenty of interesting photos.
You can have an influence on the area with Fluffruit, which you can throw for Pokémon to eat. Or you could lead them somewhere, potentially causing an interaction.
Illumina Orbs, a flute melody and a scan are also a few more tools in your arsenal that could provoke reactions from the Pokémon.
Each location puts you on a set course, though sometimes you can alter it by scanning certain areas. This is game is effectively an on-rails photography simulator, and one that many people have been eagerly anticipating for a long while now.

As far as Pokémon spinoffs go, this is definitely up there as one of the better ones. Pokémon photography is a lot of fun, and there is a lot to discover in this game.

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