Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 9: A Step Forward

In the ninth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure, a movie is being filmed at Aozora Middle School. The Tropical Club happen to meet its lead actress, who is not confident about her role. Of course, Manatsu wants to help.

Asuka and Minori are less than thrilled with the idea of being in a film

When a movie is being filmed at Aozora Middle School, Manatsu is keen to get the Tropical Club involved. Asuka and Minori aren’t so keen on the idea, but then they happen to meet Yuna Yamabe, the lead actress of the film. She is not feeling confident about her role, as it is different from what she has done before.
Manatsu decides the Tropical Club will help her out with that.

Yuna Yamabe

It doesn’t take long for Yuna to start jumping to conclusions about the girls – well, Asuka and Sango in particular – after meeting them. She immediately assumes Asuka would be the perfect fit for her new role, which is quite amusing.
Her initial thoughts on Sango come up later, but they do play an important part in this episode.

Sango’s Mum, Miyuki, is in charge of Yuna’s makeup for the film

This episode is all about helping Yuna find her confidence to play her new role. Makeup plays a part in that, though it is simply a tool to give her the push she needs. It’s not just the makeup that helps Yuna out, though; Sango does as well.

Sango wears the Cindy mascot costume

This is the point where Yuna discovers her first impression of Sango was not quite right. Whilst Yuna is not entirely wrong about that calm aura, seeing Sango so willing to dress up as the mascot surprises Yuna. The Tropical Club played a part in Sango becoming more confident, though the members attribute to Sango herself. Of course, Yuna is inspired by Sango.

Hold up, is that a young Miyuki Hoshizora in the middle?

Yuna takes a turn in the Cindy costume. Err… did they clean it beforehand, or is she stuck with Sango sweat smell? Maybe she’s into that… you know what, never mind.

Might be the last normal Yarane-da we see for a while…

Of course it wouldn’t be an episode of PreCure without the regularly scheduled monster of the week battle, and this week’s one comes towards the end of the episode. Interesting how the Cures need to go and find a few mirrors to fight back against the Yarane-da – seems their powers can’t do reflection. At least not yet.

Cure Coral

The episode wraps up after the monster of the week fight. The antagonists are granted a new power, so there’s that to look forward to next time.

Another enjoyable episode. Next time, Manatsu quits.

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