Thoughts on Harukana Receive Volume 6

The national championships approach in the sixth volume of Nyoijizai’s Harukana Receive manga. Haruka and Kanata prepare for the upcoming competition, whilst Akari is making new friends.
This volume contains chapters thirty-two to thirty-seven.

Front cover of the fifth volume of Harukana Receive, featuring Narumi Toi

Raising the stakes!
As Haruka and Kanata prepare for the national championships, they’re offered a chance to play an early match against the reigning champs, team Naruaya! But just how did Narumi and Ayasa go from total strangers to top contenders? Plus, the girls find out that there’s more at stake in this year’s tournament than just a trophy!

This volume starts with the introduction of a new character: Natsuki Fukami. One of her first actions is to kabedon Akari, and honestly, the ship tease between those two remains consistent throughout this volume.
Amusingly, Haruka and Claire even tease Akari about her new acquaintance. Perhaps Akari might finally find herself a partner… even if it’s not for beach volleyball.

We also meet Natuski’s older sister, Mika, who writes for Beach Volleyball Magazine. She has a photo shoot lined up, and one of the teams she has participating are a couple of very familiar faces.
Mika also has a very interesting proposal for team Harukana after seeing them play, though they decide to take some time to think on that.

There are two big events in this volume. The first is the photo shoot: team Harukana vs. team Naruaya. Some top notch beach volleyball action is here, as you’d expect from the reigning champions. Haruka and Kanata are no slouches when it comes to the sport, either.
In fact, Haruka’s performance even ignites something within Ayasa, who wants her to grow even further.
Emily has an idea for working towards that, but that’s something for the next volume.

The other main event we get from this volume is a flashback to Ayasa’s first meeting with Narumi. We get to see how she went from indoor volleyball to beach volleyball, and how their bond as team Naruaya developed.

Plenty of fascinating stuff in this volume; an excellent match, an interesting look into the past and new characters opening new doors for our main duo.
Nyoijizai continues to do an excellent job telling this beach volleyball tale.

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