Thoughts on Cosmo Familia Volume 2

Alice’s search for Raika continues in the second volume of Hanokage’s Cosmo Familia, though first she has the small matter of some enemies to attend to. Well, her and her allies.
This volume contains chapters eight through to fourteen.

Cosmo Familia Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of Cosmo Familia, featuring Alice Amakawa and Raika Amakawa

Lost in Time
Six years ago, the cute but destructive alien creatures called Cosmofs began running wild. Now Amakawa Alice must find her missing mother Raika, who holds the key to pacifying them. Alice falls down a mysterious well and lands in her mother’s home – twenty years in the past! Through her adventures with this younger version of her mother, can Alice discover the secrets of the Cosmofs?

This volume picks up with members of the organisation known as Nix having invaded the Amakawa household. We get some particularly great action form the start, especially when Imori is involved. Her desire to keep Raika safe regardless of the cost makes her quite the force to be reckoned with.
That confrontation might also just be the very trigger that caused the Cosmof’s to end up going on a rampage, particularly with what happens between Raika and her Papii.

Alice also receives a power up in this volume, though the method for that is something I’m sure she would rather forget. Perhaps if she actually shared that little piece of information about Raika actually being her mother, then an alternative could have been found.
Amusingly, Raika is all too willing to do the same a second time later on, but fortunately Alice is not caught off guard that time.

On the subject of girls kissing girls, two of the members of Nix are a couple. With plans not working out in their favour, they decide it is best to just do their own thing, which leads to a second confrontation. Fortunately for them, Raika is a very kind person. Perhaps maybe a little too much, though…

This volume also provides a little more insight into the Cosmofs. The Cosmofs of the future seem to be completely different from the past Cosmofs, but perhaps there’s an event or something that sets them off. After all, that is why Alice is so keen to find her mother.

The continuation of Cosmo Familia has got me even more intrigued, as interesting things come to light about the Cosmofs, and Alice and Raika gain new powers.

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